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What Do Consumers Expect?

It comes in different forms, with marketers wondering “What do consumers really want in my category?” “Will consumer want this?” “Will consumer buy it?” “Will consumers buy mine?”

Well, here is a question for you:

“Do you want answers that are predictive of consumer behavior in the marketplace?” If you do, category engagement drivers can help. They identify how consumers view categories, how they compare offerings, and they answer the ultimate question, “What do consumers expect?” If you know that, you’ll know what they’ll buy.

An in-depth look at how it works in one category can be found in our Branding Magazine article Do You Want a Phone With A Camera Or A Camera With A Phone?

When brands keep an eye on category engagement drivers and consumer expectations, brands get a high definition view of the category through consumers’ eyes.

If it helps, think of it as a brand sensor that’s as wide as the category!

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