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Who will pay your bills, "buddy"

It's all about me when I pay my taxes, though, isn't it? Or will the government make another business owner pay his taxes and mine, too?

Gee. I kinda like that.mdumping the burdens of society on a subset of society just because. As long as it is somebody else who gets hurt, of course. I get it.

Self-centered much?

I was with you until the political commentary. Yeah, I totally remember how the "franchisees have to pay employees more" issue was a real hot-button issue during the election...oh, wait, that's right, nobody who wasn't directly affected cared. It's not all about you, buddy.

Franchise hiring lags because of labor costs

Jurisdictions in heavily populated areas like New York, San Francisco, Seattle and others have enacted laws that require franchisees to pay a higher minimum wage than non-franchised businesses. This was the inevitable result. Less work at the higher cost.

Will these mush headed legislators listen? Doubtful, but take heart-it will end up in them losing elections. Ask Hilary.

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