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Pumpkin Beverages Spice Up Business for Restaurateurs

CHICAGO — One foodservice researcher has discovered that pumpkin specialty drinks for a limited, seasonal time benefits businesses. Limited time offers for pumpkin specialty drinks can spur additional purchases by established customers, bring in new customers, draw customers from competitors, and stimulate business during slow periods.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Target of Online Petition

It has been widely known through documentaries and videos for a number of years that American chickens are often raised in appalling, stomach-turning conditions, but as a QSR giant, McDonald's specifically is in the crosshairs of a petition titled, "Stop Torturing Chickens for McNuggets."

California Woman Suing Chipotle over Its GMO-Free Claims

Chipotle Mexican Grill, not a franchisor, announced back in April that it was eliminating GMO from its menu items.

Desktop Sites Unnecessary, Says Google's Mueller

Google's John Mueller says that a mobile site is sufficient and that desktop sites are no longer necessary.

Casual Dining Restaurants Gain Ground in Burger Wars

Denny's new Thing Burger taps into Fantastic Four movie. Image/TV commercial

CHICAGO—There is a battle for restaurant lunch visits that is being waged between casual dining restaurants and quick service restaurants. The weapon of choice? Hamburgers. According to a foodservice researcher, hamburgers have helped casual dining restaurants win lunch visits by closing their price gap with quick service restaurants.

All Day Breakfast Isn’t a New Thing

When I was in college on the East Coast, when we were leaving the bars late at night we'd all go "out for breakfast." The food itself wasn't necessarily important but the fact that it would be our morning meal needed to be pointed out. I have since learned that men do this same thing all over the world.

Order Your Customized McDonald’s Burger

McDonald's "Create Your Own Taste"City by city, McDonald's is testing a new "Create Your Taste" hamburger program that lets customers order a fancier burger with customized condiments by tapping a touch screen kiosk.

Independent Restaurants Decline

CHICAGO ─ According to a recent survey, the number of independent restaurant outlets in the United States dropped by three percent compared to a year ago. That shrinkage brought total U.S. restaurant outlets down by one percent to 630,511 units.

Visits Highest in Six Years and Higher Average Eater Checks Pump Up Consumer Spending

CHICAGO – Restaurant traffic hit its highest level in six years. Not only that but higher average tickets fueled a 3 percent increase in consumer spending at U.S. restaurants and foodservice outlets in the year ending May 2015 compared to year ago, reports foodservice researcher The NPD Group.

Sir Speedy, PIP and Signal Graphics Begin Offering 3D Printing

Franchise Services Inc. (FSI), which includes the Sir Speedy, PIP and Signal Graphics franchise brands, announced Monday that it has entered into an agreement with ZVerse Inc., a provider of 2D to 3D print automation software, design services and full color 3D printing.