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Resolution, Smezolution! Consumers Choose Healthier Living over Dieting

Beef patties with broccoli. Creative Commons photo on Flickr
Photo by Mikko Kuhna

CHICAGO—Each New Year is ushered in with celebrations, toasts, and diet ads to encourage weight loss resolutions, but U.S. consumers today prefer living healthier lifestyles as opposed to restricting their habits with dieting. Consumers define their own diets by putting more focus on the authenticity and purity of the foods they eat, according to NPD's recently released Eating Patterns in America, an annual compilation of ongoing food and beverage consumption research.

That Was Then

If you’re old enough (and you probably aren’t), you remember when chicken sandwiches were once new, innovative items on fast food menus. And then, when fried chicken took on a less-than-healthful patina, grilled chicken sandwiches were brought in to address issues of healthy preparation. One wonders where the grill lines came from in restaurants that had no char broilers?

2016 Food Outlook: Satisfying the Growing Demand for 'Wholesome and Real'

Keeping up with the latest health trends in the foodservice industry is an ongoing challenge.  Fortunately for restaurant operators, consumers’ definition of healthy food has broadened.

Consumer Confidence Grows in December

NEW YORK—The Consumer Confidence Index has improved in December. The index now stands at 96.5 (1985=100), which is up from 92.6 in November, according to The Conference Board.

Revenue Premiums Offset Higher Costs in Historic Hotels

Some old hotels age gracefully and have achieved the status of "grande dame" hotels. These properties typically compete in the luxury or upper-upscale market segments, and frequently achieve occupancy and average daily rate (ADR) premiums versus their contemporary competition.

Franchise Job Hirings Outpace Small Business for Year, Up Yet Again in November

ROSELAND, N.J.—Private-sector franchise jobs in the United States grew by 25,600 for the month of November, according to ADP's National Franchise Report. It is yet another month of jobs in a string of growth in franchise hirings, a growth dominated by restaurants and auto dealerships.

Discontinuity Rattling Restaurant Sector Tim Horton’s, Joe’s Crab Shack, Ruby Tuesday

When you shake the tree the weak leaves fall. Once again restaurant consumer discontinuity has driven customers away from restaurants in 2015 too grocery stores and convenience stores.

Sugar Substitutes Up as Consumers Watch Their Sugar Intake

Stevia plant

CHICAGO — Sugar is now the top item consumers are trying to avoid in their diets. It races neck-and-neck with calories as the top item consumers look for on nutrition facts labels. As a result of this avoidance, more sugar-free, unsweetened, or reduced sugar products are being consumed.

World Consumers Visit Restaurants, Spend More in Q2

CHICAGO—Consumer visits and spending at food retail outlets grew in several countries tracked in the summer quarter.

Franchises Hire Record Number of Jobs in October

Now hiring. Photo by Blue MauMauROSELAND, NJ—Jobs in the U.S. franchise sector rose into the stars in October. In a sign that the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, franchises added an amazing 52,500 jobs, according to ADP Research Institute in conjunction with Moody's Analytics.