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Generation, Life Stage Affect Consumer Eating Habits

Diners eat late at night at a Waffle House
Late night diners at a Waffle House. Consumer patterns shift. (Photo/sniegowski)

CHICAGO— What is myth and reality when it comes to eating patterns among the generations? Restaurant owners want to know.

The Ugly Side of the $15 Minimum Wage

Ed Rensi, the former president and CEO of McDonald’s USA, writes that while the $15 minimum wage may not be good for McDonald's, it will also hurt franchisees as well as workers who will be out of a job.

Restaurants Change to Meet Consumers' Evolution in Soup, Salad and Healthful Fare

CHICAGO—Soup and salad consumption has held steady over the past couple of years as consumers look to these for traditional better-for-you meals and add-ons.

McDonalds Tests Self-Service Coffee to Quicken Service

They call it fast food for good reason: It’s fast.  Foodservice Solutions® while speaking at the Fresh Food Summit pointed out that foodservice is evolving and what was fast yesterday is not so fast today.  Let’s look at five of the foodservice fast facts:

America Loves Snacking but Still Wants Its 3 Meals

Sitting down for wine and cheese
Wine & cheese. (Photo:Thomas Hawk)

CHICAGO—Snacking is all the rage. But contrary to popular belief, Americans still eat three main meals a day.  American consumers snack a lot, after all, snacking between meals account for about a third of all eating occasions, according to foodservice researcher The NPD Group.

More Growth for Fast Casual Restaurants in Units and Visits

Panera Bread
Panera Bread (photo/bmm)

CHICAGO —Fast casual restaurant chains, which are upscale quick service restaurant (QSR) concepts, continue to be on a winning streak. The segment is growing in both restaurant unit count and customer visits, which is better than can be said for the restaurant industry as a whole.

Franchises Grow 22,000 Jobs in March

A concierge
A hotel concierge. Photo by Jason Kuffer

ROSELAND, N.J.—Private-sector franchise jobs in the United States grew by 22,000 during March, according to payroll service provider ADP.

Restaurants Serve Cheaper Beef, Americans Are Loving It

Kentucky cow
Photo by D. Sniegowski

Burger and beef serving restaurants are discounting something fierce thanks to lower beef costs.

Big Restaurant Chains Grow Sales by 5% in 2015, Fast-Casuals Double That

Jimmy John's store front after the rain

CHICAGO—In 2015 the 500 biggest restaurant chains accelerated sales growth in the United States to a 4.9 percent increase for the group as a whole, totaling an estimated $288 billion in sales.

Boomers Snack More Often than Millennials

CHICAGO—Millennials are the apple of today's marketers when it comes to targeting consumers, but surveys show that it is really the Boomers who shine.