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Consumer Confidence Index Increases in September

Consumer confidence has improved from August to September. The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index grew to 104.1 in September from 101.8 in August. It was 100 when it was created in 1985.

U.S. Restaurants Drop in Count, Chains Flatline

Family restaurant
Despite a growing population, the United States only had 624,301 restaurants in spring 2016. That is a one percent decrease in eateries from spring 2015, according to a major foodservice researcher.

Health Concerns over Rise of Grocerants

Supermarket offers prepared lunch bowl of sashimi
Major supermarket offers sashimi bowl for lunch. (photo/sniegowski)

With the rise of the grocerant — supermarkets that offer prepared, restaurant-style food — comes an increase in consumer concerns over food safety.

Restaurant Lunch Visits Decline Sharply from a Changing American Lifestyle

Wendy's value 4 for $4 lunch meal
Americans look for value offerings  Photo/bmm

Restaurateurs are having a tough time competing with the changing work and lifestyle habits of Americans, especially when it comes to lunch. Lunches at restaurants, which account for a third of all restaurant traffic, have posted consecutively steeper declines over the past six months, according to a major research group.

Restaurant Traffic Remains Flat in Second Quarter

inside a diner
Photo by Matts Edenius

A major foodservice researcher reports that consumer traffic in restaurant establishments was flat in the second quarter, following an already horizontal first quarter of 2016. That is two consecutive quarters not of a contraction but rather a lack of vigor when it comes to consumer visits to the hyper competitive restaurant industry.

Consumers Blame Restaurants for Third-Party Mistakes

Even if a restaurant has a contract with a third-party ordering and delivery service, the majority of consumers (76%) still hold the restaurant at least partially responsible for any order errors, according to a foodservice researcher.

Two Thirds Making Minimum Wage Can’t Make Ends Meet

A CareerBuilder survey shows that 75 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck at least sometimes and that of those earning minimum wage, 66 percent can't make ends meet.

Generations Approach Dinner Differently

Photo from Wikipedia

If there is a meal that exemplifies the differences among generations, it is dinner.

Franchise Jobs Have Solid Gain in July; Finding Workers Becomes Harder

Monthly change in Franchise Jobs x 1,000 from June 2011 to July 2016ROSELAND, N.J.—Jobs in franchise establishments increased by 21,200 in July, according to ADP Research Institute. That monthly gain is solidly above the average of 19,400 jobs added each month by franchises since June of 2011, a period of over 5 years.

McDonald’s Cuts Way Down on Artificial Preservatives and HFCS in Its Food

McDonald’s USA says it is removing artificial preservatives from several items which also don’t have artificial colors or flavors, including its Chicken McNuggets.