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Technology Feeds Fast Food in 2017

McDonald’s and Starbucks continue to cultivate customer relevance, leveraging technology in both the front and back of house operations.  However in 2017 both will elevate the consumer focus with voice recognition ordering.

Restaurant Traffic Stalls Then Drops

Empty line at a SaladWorks restaurant
Empty line at a SaladWorks franchise (photo/bmm)

After two consecutive quarters of flat-lined consumer visits, U.S. restaurants had a turn for the worse: a decline in traffic during the third quarter of 2016, according to a major foodservice researcher. And if that news wasn't bad enough, for the first time in five years the quick service restaurant sector had a decline in consumers.

November Private-Sector Jobs Strong while Franchise Hiring Moderate

The United States added a moderate 15,100 jobs in November of 2016, according to the ADP Research Institute. Restaurant franchises and auto dealerships had the largest number of hires, while business service franchises dropped by a thousand.

Societal Shifts Shape Thanksgiving Traditions

Changes in economic, ethnic, generations, health, pop culture, and social structure are changing Thanksgiving traditions. Thanksgiving is now a meal with family or "family" redefined, a shopping experience, an entertainment experience, and, for many, a workday.

Moody’s Downgrades U.S. Restaurant Industry

This month Moody's downgraded the outlook of the restaurant industry in the United States over the coming 12 to 18 months. It explained that restaurants will be hit with increased labor costs and consumers who are more reluctant to visit.

Labor Is Laborious

There a lot of "double-edged sword" issues on the minds of hotel operators these days. Hotel occupancy levels are at record levels, but that is attracting the attention of developers and therefore the threat of new competition.

Young Adults Are Eating More Vegetables

The old mantra of "eat your vegetables" by parents to their children has evidently taken root and sprouted. Millennials and Gen Z young adults are eating more fresh and frozen vegetables.

Veterans Day Free Meals, Discounts and Deals

Veterans Day falls on Friday, November 11. Franchises, small businesses and chains are showing their appreciation to our country's veterans and military with freebies, discounts and special deals.

Soft Drinks Still Number One at Restaurants but Consumption Down

Photo by Don SniegowskiAmerican consumers have been drinking fewer purchased beverages for the last decade, but when they do they turn to coffee, soft drinks, milk, iced tea or bottled water. 

2016 Veterans Day Free Meals and Deals

On Veterans Day, which annually falls on November 11, a substantial list of restaurants and other types of businesses are offering special deals to military and veterans—including free meals, free haircuts, discounts and more. Applebee's, Chili's, Figaro's Pizza, Golden Corral, IHOP and Wienerschnitzel are some of the participating restaurant franchises.