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Generation X Now Represents Nearly a Quarter of All Restaurant Visits

Generation X, ages 36 to 52, now represents 23 percent of all restaurant visits, not a significant difference from Boomers and Millennials, who represent 26 and 25 percent of visits respectively, according to a new foodservice study published by researcher NPD Group.

CEO of Largest Mall Owner in US Says Mall Traffic Increasing

The prevailing news about mall foot traffic is that it's decreasing, but David Simon, CEO of Simon Property Group, a publicly traded REIT (NYSE: SPG) and the country's largest mall owner, takes the opposite view. He contends that traffic is increasing.

Dairy Queen Franchisee Switching from Malls to Standalones

Multi-unit Dairy Queen franchisee Steve Cowgur, 65, says traffic is on the decline at malls, so he's moving his mall locations to standalones. He owns 12 Dairy Queens, mostly in the Phoenix area, and has been in that line of work since 1976, when he took on an accounting position at an Orange Julius store that he bought seven years later.

HITEC Keynote Speaker: Blockchain Will Be Even Bigger

Alex Tapscott, keynote speaker at the HITEC conference on hospitality technology, which just concluded a few days ago in Toronto, spoke on “Blockchain Revolution: Surviving And Thriving In The 2nd Era Of The Internet.” Tapscott is 1 of 14 founding members of the High Level Advisory Group on FinTech at the International Monetary Fund and the co-author, along with his father Don Tapscott, of Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World.

McDonald’s Says 2,500 Kiosk Installation Not Meant to Replace Workers

McDonald's plans to add 2,500 kiosks in the U.S. this year, but emphasizes that contrary to some news stories, the company does not plan to replace workers with them. The kiosks will accept payments, which might understandably lead one to think that they will replace cashiers, but the company says that is not its intention.

McDonald's in the Midst of Rapidly Expanding Its Delivery Service

After trying out meal deliveries in a few Florida locations, McDonald's has decided that the new service plays well to its strengths and weaknesses, seeing it as the wave of the future. Yesterday it announced a major expansion of its delivery service into over 2,000 units, with another major surge taking place during June.

Vehicles Coming Off Lease Could Cause New Sales Tumble, Analyst Says

Climbing vehicle and light truck lease returns, which are projected to reach record numbers, could send American new-vehicle sales in a downward spiral, says an auto industry analyst.

Franchise Hiring Lowest in Almost Five Years

National employment in the private sector was up by 177,000 jobs in April, a moderate slowdown compared to previous months. However, franchised establishments were especially hard hit. Franchise jobs increased by only 5,400 in April, according to the monthly ADP National Franchise Report.

Restaurant Count in 2016 Drops Most Since Recession

The number of restaurants in the United States has fallen to its lowest level in ten years, according to a count of commercial restaurant locations compiled each spring and fall by a major foodservice researcher. Restaurant locations fell in 2016 by two percent, according to The NPD Group.

Car Dealers Fear Losing Control through Burgeoning Factory Incentives

Car dealers have seen some significant changes taking place in the car business in recent years. Many feel that the changes have been eating away at their control: