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Small Business, Big Blunder: Building Product without Customer Feedback

Entrepreneur Syed Balkhi and his partner learned the hard way that the intelligent thing to do when building product is to get feedback from customers.

Many Small Businesses Losing Out because of No Website

A SCORE study has found that a huge number of small businesses are losing out because they don't have a website.

Email Marketing Should Be a Priority for Small Business Owners

Regular email can be a great way to keep in touch with customers who may otherwise forget about you or think of you much less often.

Tomorrow Is Small Business Saturday

Is Small Business Saturday worth getting your business involved in or not? On the positive side, it has had plenty of play in the small business section of the news.

Small Business Saturday Falls This Week

Five years ago American Express launched Small Business Saturday, encouraging Americans to shop at their local small businesses.

How to Be a Successful Restaurateur

Paul Hibler, whose Pitfire Artisan Pizza small chain has garnered attention and awards, such as from the American Institute of Architects for the design of its Culver City store, gives advice on how to be a restaurateur.

How Businesses Are Handling 2015’s ObamaCare

Under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), employers with a hundred or more full-time workers are mandated on January 1, 2015 to provide at least 70 percent of their employees with health insurance or owe the IRS $2,000 per worker.

Getting Franchisee and Small Business Concerns Heard in the Political Process

Big business places strong importance on lobbying and moving government officials for their benefit.

The Top 10 Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners Who HATE Bookkeeping

A surprising number of business owners don't know bookkeeping very well and have a tenuous grasp of the money flowing into and out of their businesses.

Disney Historian Says Small Business Owners Can Learn from Walt

Walt Disney has been gone nearly 48 years, but today's small business owners can learn much from him, says Jim Korkis, a former Disney employee and now author and walking Disney encyclopedia.