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Is This Who's Going to Reverse the U.S. Entrepreneurial Decline?

American entrepreneurism is in decline, say more than one respected source. Can this be turned around?

Artisan Chocolate Entrepreneurs Blossoming in Hawaii

Hawaii is the only location within the United States that has the right environment to grow cacao successfully, which has led to business opportunities.

Chocolatier Allegedly Able to Charge $9 a Bar by Misleading Customers

Mast Brothers chocolate
Mast Brothers chocolate / photo by Christine Rondeau, Flickr

Mast Brothers has been garnering some unwelcome publicity for their alleged "fraud" of holding that their chocolate has always been bean-to-bar, meaning that they have been made from scratch, starting with cacao beans.

Volkswagen Diesel Owners Find Business Opportunity in Outrage

Anger and financial loss followed the September revelations that Volkswagen cheated on its pollution tests.

Why Trump's Tax Plan Is Better for My Small Business than Bush's

A small business owner who is also a CPA compares Donald Trump's tax plan and Jeb Bush's.

Paul Graham's Startup Advice in under a Minute

Paul Graham is a well-known programmer and successful venture capitalist who enjoys writing. Originally from the U.K., he has a B.A. in philosophy from Cornell University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Harvard in applied sciences, specializing in computer science.

Indiegogo's CEO: Six Tips on Conducting a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform, debuted in 2008 and to date has raised half a billion dollars. Just about any entrepreneur can get their cash-raising campaign on Indiegogo, but results vary.

The Four Top Productivity Skills We Learned at Google

The team that ran online photo editor Picnik spent two years at Google, from 2010 to 2012.

Access Census Bureau Data for Better Business Decisions

The U.S. Census Bureau has made it easier for small businesses to access their wealth of data. Its director, John H. Thompson, shows off the Bureau's new tool for business owners to more easily access the data that will figure into their key business decisions.

What Are the Differences between Successful and Not-As-Successful Entrepreneurs?

Gallup's analysis of 2,500 U.S. entrepreneurs has found that higher levels of entrepreneurial talent significantly increase one's odds of business success.