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House Small Business Committee Chair Seeks to Ease Small Business Burdens

US Rep. Steve Chabot
    Rep. Steve Chabot

Rep. Steve Chabot (R) of Ohio has a plan, he says, to lighten the burden of government regulations that small businesses struggle under. He invites the public to come forward with their ideas.

Obamacare's Small Business Tax Credit Goes Largely Unclaimed

A tax credit provision was created under Obamacare to financially ease the way for small businesses to provide health insurance for their employees. But only a relatively small number of those eligible actually implemented or maintained insurance and claimed the credit.

More MBAs Should Buy a Small Business

Harvard Business School professors Richard S. Ruback and Royce Yudkoff write in the Harvard Business Review that they're seeing more MBAs become entrepreneurs through business acquisitions, but say even more MBAs should consider it.

High Rents Causing NYC Small Businesses to Close Down

Although this story is about the exorbitantly high rents landlords frequently ask when a small business's lease in New York City is up for renewal, causing the business to shut down, it's a problem found throughout the country.

Step Up Your Small Business with These Tools

Here are ten apps or business tools to step up your business.

Make the Right First Steps in Starting Your Small Business

Building a successful small business takes time, thought, planning and help. If you've never owned a business before, it can be overwhelming and discouraging.

Small Business Owners Often Don't Want Growth

Not all small business owners seek growth.

3 Major Ways Google Has Reshaped Small Business

Google has utterly changed the way small businesses operate, particularly over the last decade.

Why Small Businesses are Failing Less

falling rate of business failureSmall business failure rates have been declining for years. "The rate at which American employers go under has fallen by 30 percent since 1977," writes Professor Scott Shane of Case Western Reserve University.

Vietnamese Refugee Achieves Success in the US with Food Delivery

Munchery CEO Tri Tran and his family led an impoverished life in Vietnam after the war.