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5 Lessons Any Small Business Owner Can Learn from Watching CNBC’s ‘The Profit’

CNBC’s new show, The Profit, starring businessman Marcus Lemonis, should be required, must-see-TV for any small business owner.

America Might Be the Best Land for Entrepreneurs but That's Just Not Good Enough

Namdaemun gateway, Seoul, South Korea
Land of opportunity? New York New York Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas Strip, Nevada. photo: wikipedia

A new ranking of G20 countries on entrepreneurial climate was published last week by global accounting and consulting firm Ernst & Young.

Top Reasons Small Businesses Succeed

The infographic below details the top reasons for small business failure and success, according to studies organized by the firm All Business Loans. Not surprisingly, one top factor is access to funding.

Down with Lemonade Stands? Never!

There’s this thing online called “trolling.” It’s when you post something really outrageous just to get a reaction out of people. That’s what I think the online magazine Slate was doing recently when it posted an opinion piece critical of lemonade stands.

5 Financial Equations a Small Business Owner Should Know

Small business owners like to know what's in their bank and cash at hand but you need to know a lot more than that to plan and forecast.

No Major Changes in May's Small Biz Job Openings

"Small business job creation continues to be missing link in the recovery," says Holly Wade, senior policy analyst of NFIB's Research Foundation. No major changes in job openings were reported in May, but owners were a bit more optimistic about hiring in the future.

Small Business Owners Running on Extreme Frugality

Rosalind Brewer, president and CEO of Sam's Club, says that its small business members are running so close to the edge that they have taken to buying items the day before they need it or even the same day.

An Audacious Business Goal that was as Big as a Buffalo

More than 15 years ago I was struggling in the beef cattle industry because I was doing things exactly the way everyone else was doing them—raising cattle and then taking them to the feedlot. It’s a great business when things are good but when the market is down you are in the dumps as well.

Making Money with Your YouTube Videos

Some people make not only enough money on YouTube to support themselves, a few even make serious money, as in hundreds of thousands of dollars.