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Japan 7-Eleven selling iPods. Coming to US?

According to Engadget, 7-Eleven has picked up a deal to resell iPods in Japan. The iPods arrive in the store a couple days after a customer places an order. Japan is a country that has taken convenience stores to the next level -- with copy centers, grocery vending machines outside the front doors, just-in-time inventory and much more. I guess when one thinks of the neighborhood 7-Eleven , one soon will think of a drink, sushi and i-pod music. It is true that Japan's market dynamics are different than ours but 7-Eleven is a Japanese firm. So, we wonder if this experiment in Japan succeeds, if one day the U.S. operations will follow. Go to your neighborhood 7-Eleven convenience store to purchase a Big Gulp, eat a hot dog and buy an i-pod. --- Naaah.


Fight Retail Crime With Plastic

The Motley Fool argues for fighting retail crime by using more credit cards and not cash -- an interesting theory. They quote a Palm Beach Times article stating that,

"Based on past numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's estimated that over 700 convenience store workers, particularly cashiers, will be murdered during robberies this year in the United States.... A convenience-store cashier job is the 10th-most dangerous occupation in the United States according to the U.S. Labor Department, which classifies being a convenience-store cashier job as more dangerous than being a firefighter."