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Keith Miller and Ronald Gardner to Receive the AAFD Chairman’s Award at 2017 Total Quality Franchising Awards Banquet

The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) will honor Keith Miller, Chairman of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA), and nationally recognized attorney Ronald K. Gardner Jr. with the Total Quality Franchising Chairman’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Franchising Community.

W. Michael Garner to Be Honored with the AAFD’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

W. Michael Garner of law firm Garner & Ginsburg, P.A. will be this year’s recipient of The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers's Total Quality Franchising Award for Lifetime Achievement. Garner will receive the AAFD’s highest individual recognition in acknowledgement for a lifetime of embracing collaborative relationships in franchising.

94-Year-Old Still Working at McDonald's after 44 Years

Loraine Maurer, 94, has been working at McDonald's for 44 years. Her schedule is now down to two days a week. She likes the food, which she eats every shift.

5 Books Steve Jobs Recommended for Leaders

Steve Jobs, a one-of-a-kind leader and innovator who is missed, recommended five books for leaders, according to Inc., and which indeed appear on various lists of books he especially liked. One of the books on this list, Autobiography of a Yogi, he reread annually. It was not the only book that he returned to time and again.

Andy Puzder Says He Was Never against Raising the Minimum Wage

Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants Inc., parent company of  Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Green Burrito and Red Burrito, tells Fox News' Neil Cavuto that he was never against raising the minimum wage, but he was against raising it to the point that workers would cost more than they were bringing into their companies.

Mike Ilitch Touched Lives with His Philanthropy

After Little Caesars co-founder (with wife Marian) and owner Mike Ilitch's death a week ago today, some lips have apparently been unsealed and stories of his philanthropic side have made their way into the press.

Multiunit Franchisee Atour Eyvazian Named Restaurant Association’s 2017 Convention Chairman

Jack int the Box multiunit franchise owner Atour EyvazianThe National Restaurant Association announced on Tuesday that it has appointed franchisee Atour Eyvazian as its Restaurant Hotel-Motel Show convention chairman for 2017. Eyvazian is a multiunit owner of 107 Jack in the Box restaurants in Houston and San Antonio.

Star Athletes Pursue Franchise Success

The franchising world has long taken notice that star athletes, both active and retired, have signed up as franchisees with various chains. A Black Enterprise article mentions a few well-known athlete franchisees, then focuses on Ricky Jean Francois of the Washington Redskins, beginning with what sparked his interest in franchising in the first place.

Early Pizza Hut Franchisee Howard Wilkins Jr. Dies

Howard Wilkins Jr., 78, who was part of a group of partners that owned 16 Pizza Hut franchised locations in the late '60s and who became the first president of the International Pizza Hut Franchisee Holders Association, passed away on Christmas Eve at his home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Former TGI Fridays Leader Richard Snead, 65, Dies

After battling cancer since at least 2009, Richard Snead, former Carlson Restaurants Worldwide president and CEO, passed away on December 23. At the time Snead was there, Carlson was the parent company of TGI Fridays.