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Marketing, branding and loyalty development

20 Most Engaging Brands of Millennials

That it is hard to emotionally engage Millennials is not a surprise. What does surprise is the way marketers believe that more social networking and entertaining advertising will. But, in the absence of real ROI metrics, counting “shares” and tweets, and views has become the default evaluation for assessments of efficiency for marketers.

Why Email Marketing Is Smart for Small Businesses

Email marketing is affordable, easy, takes little time, is great for customer retention, the preferred method of receiving marketing messages by most consumers, works synergistically with other marketing efforts,

Hardee’s Introduces Grass-fed Beef Burger, Joins Carl's Jr.

Charlotte McKinney
Hardee's to use Carl's Jr. "All Natural" ad with Charlotte McKinney. Image:YouTube

CARPINTERIA, Calif. – CKE Restaurants, franchisor to Carl's Jr. and Hardee's brands, announced today that it is rolling out a burger at Hardee's restaurants that is a grass-fed, free-range beef with no added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. With the "All-Natural" burger first introduced at sister chain Carl's Jr. last December, CKE says it is the first major burger chain to roll out such a healthy burger.

Emotions Are More Important to Millennials

As more marketers have focused on the Millennial Generation with efforts focused on capturing this cohort’s attentions, major budgets are being planned in the mistaken belief that Millennials are less brand loyal than other age cohorts, and require additional attention to create brand preference.

America's Most Patriotic Brands

A new Brand Keys survey of iconic American brands has revealed which brands consumers consider the most “patriotic.” Jeep, Coca-Cola, Disney, and Ralph Lauren led the pack this year.

Tour Zoës Kitchen Mobile App

Tour the Zoës Kitchen mobile app through this online video. The fast-casual chain is not franchising now, but is planning on it in the future.


South Carolina Turns on Confederate Flag; Zee Chimes In

Take down the Confederate flag rally. Photo:Perry McLeod

Heeding Governor Nikki Haley's call after the wake of last week's church killings in South Carolina, state lawmakers have proposed a bill for the removal of the Confederate flag that flies above statehouse grounds.

Donut Make This Mistake; Values Are Always Category-Specific

If you have followed the McDonald's debacle for the past year you cannot have missed the fact that the company woke up late to the fact that consumer values had shifted. Away from fat/salty/fast/dollar-menu food to brands that were seen to offer healthier, fresher, natural, more customized food. And consumers were actually willing to pay more for that.