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Subway Goes Back for Its Future Branding

Pete's Super Submarines
New commercial features Subway's origin (YouTube)

After Jared, Subway has decided to go back to its roots for its future branding. For example, there will be fewer celebrities to be spokespersons for the brand. After all, remember Jared Fogle. They may one day go wayward. Forget discounts.

Ode to the Best & Worst of '15

We often focus all our thought
On things consumers shopped and bought.
On customers, so very loyal
And those brands, with profits royal.

Consumers Want Change on “Natural” Label

CHICAGO— American consumers want the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to narrow the use of the term "Natural" foods to be without additives, chemicals, and preservatives.

10 Trends for Brands to Break Outdated Habits and Raise Profits

For the past 31 years, Brand Keys has conducted a year-end examination of our validated loyalty and emotional engagement metrics, collected from over 100,000 consumers who participated in predictiv

Which Search Engines Are Used Most?

With the holidays coming up there’s lots of chatter about how online and mobile price-checking and buying and comparing are making themselves felt in the retail arena.

Can Brand Trump Become President Trump?

In 1968, Joe McGinniss wrote The Selling of the President, analyzing the marketing of Richard M. Nixon. It was the first-of-its-kind intro to a concept of stage-managed presidential branding and a primer for taking a human politician and turning him into a brand – the creation of the “new Nixon.”

Buffalo Wild Wings Pulls Ads Featuring Comedian Who Lied about 9/11

Buffalo Wild Wings says they are dropping their commercials featuring disgraced comedian Steve Rannazzisi. He admitted last week to lying for years about being in one of the buildings of the World Trade Center as it was hit during the September 11 attack.

Beer for Breakfast? Depends How You Market It

Remember when you were growing up and they told you to “start your day with a good breakfast?” And then the joke when you were in college, “Beer – it’s not just for breakfast?” Well, here’s what happens when categories weaken and worlds collide!

Desktop Sites Unnecessary, Says Google's Mueller

Google's John Mueller says that a mobile site is sufficient and that desktop sites are no longer necessary.

McDonald's to Eliminate Stores & Jobs

If you haven’t heard, McDonald’s hasn’t been doing all that well. They haven’t been doing all that well for some time now, and the company is going to close more U.S. restaurants this year than they open, something that hasn’t happened in 45 years!