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Marketing, branding and loyalty development

How to Make Your Business a Pokémon Go Hot Spot

Pokémon Go is a bona fide phenomenon and businesses are hopping on its bandwagon, using it to increase traffic. This may or may not be a good idea for your particular business.

McMuffin Switched to Butter in 6 Months, Speedy for McDonald’s

McMuffin switched from margerine to butterHungry for press that shows the brand is changing, McDonald's wanted the business world to take note of how quickly the snail-paced restaurant chain Goliath switched from margarine to butter. Its fastest change yet.

Ford’s New Lease Sharing Plan Falling Flat

Ford introduced a new lease sharing plan three months ago, but so far not one person has signed up.

McDonald's Has Ended Controversial School Program

John Cisna, a middle-aged Iowa school teacher, came up with the idea of losing weight while eating at McDonald's exclusively.

2016 Least Engaging Brands

This past February, Brand Keys announced the list of the top brands that 42,792 U.S. consumers found to be most emotionally engaging and, therefore, the ones they were most loyal to.

Changes in Chipotle

After a series of seven outbreaks of E. coli bacterium and salmonella-related illnesses, it can’t have come as any surprise to anyone when Chipotle posted its first loss as a public company.

Press Release Basics

Press releases, if done right, can be effective in raising the visibility of a business.

McDonald’s Testing Junior, Grand-Sized Big Macs

Big Mac sign, photo by Thomas Hawk
A Big Mac sign (photo/Thomas Hawk)

From now until June 6, McDonald's is testing a smaller Big Mac and a giant-sized one in the markets of Dallas, Texas, as well as Columbus, Ohio. That would make three Big Mac sizes for customers to choose from.

Starting Today Subway Shops List Calories on Menu

Subway rolls out calorie labels today
Subway to list calorie count, beginning today. (image/Subway)

MILFORD, Conn.—Subway announced last week that it will roll out menu signs that list calorie counts for its sandwiches today. It points out that this is a year ahead of when the FDA will begin enforcing its new national calorie labeling requirements.

Burger King Moves Back to the Old Neighborhood

Expectations move at the speed of the consumer. They never diminish; they only increase, and they increase all the time. Over the past decade, consumer expectations have increased about 18% a year. Brands, on average, only manage to keep up by about 9%, so there’s always a pretty significant gap between what consumers expect and what brands deliver. Brands that deliver best are always the category leaders.