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Marketing, branding and loyalty development

Dippin' Dots CEO Says Sean Spicer 'Feud' Boosted Company

Dippin' Dots, Ice Cream of the Future
Kings Dominion theme park, Virginia, 2008 / milst1 photo

​Dippin' Dots CEO Scott Fischer says that his company's public so-called "feud" with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer over his uncomplimentary tweets about the company reached a billion people or the equivalent of "50 Super Bowl ads," adding that it was great free press. According to Business Insider, as a consequence Dippin' Dots sales and franchisee inquiries soared.

Wendy's In-House Social Media Team Boosts Franchisees, Brand

Wendy's Corporate Headquarters
Wendy’s HQ, Dublin, OH / tlarrow photo

Brand awareness through social media is a tricky thing for some companies and even a bit baffling or mysterious for others. But Wendy's social media team knows what it's doing and uses the power of social media channels to engage with customers, collect data, provide feedback and help franchisees. The team is not only good, but tops.

Gaining Public's Acceptance for Self-Driving Cars Tough

Uber self-driving taxi
Self-driving Uber prototype in San Francisco / Wikimedia Commons photo

Self-driving vehicles are the newest, biggest thing in the automotive industry and could literally revolutionize the way we get around. But just how eager is the public to buy into this radical new product and how safe do they feel in such a vehicle?

Survey: 80 Percent of Small Businesses Use Facebook to Market

According to a new survey, small businesses are finding success on Facebook and have made it their most popular social media platform for marketing. Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, in that order, follow Facebook.

McDonald’s USA to Launch Bottled Coffee in Supermarkets, Restaurants to Relaunch McCafé

Photo from McDonald's USA via press releaseIn taking aim at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s USA energetically announced this morning a turbo-charged shot. First, it is reinvigorating its McCafé experience with a contemporary look and new beverages. But it is also introducing some of its McDonald’s coffees for supermarket distribution in order to gain more mindshare with consumers.

App Gathers Crowds for Businesses

A restaurateur who wants to make the right impression at the opening of his new restaurant conjures up a crowd, for compensation, using a new app. Like casting a movie, he stipulates the kind of crowd he wants: young, live or work in the area, certain Facebook "likes," and more.

Chipotle's Cure for the Norovirus

Chipotle is reeling from another norovirus outbreak. But according to Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Mark Crumpacker, the right advertising tone (and a new menu item) will be the cure-all. It’s a planned queso rollout.

Ivanka Trump Brand Update

In a national survey conducted among Millennial female shoppers July 10th through 15th, New York-based brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy Brand Keys found that 38 percent were negatively disposed to consider purchasing from Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing or shoes.

Audi's China Ad Sparks Charges of Sexism

A new Audi ad for a China audience compares wives to used cars. Complaints about it are proliferating in social media among what some might see as a humorless PC crowd. The ad opens up with a Chinese couple exchanging their wedding vows before a crowd of their friends and relatives. The ceremony is interrupted by the groom's mother, who proceeds to conduct a rough on-the-spot physical inspection of the bride.

Mazda Targets Hispanic Voters with Japanese Ads

Mazda has decided to go after Hispanic buyers with Japanese language ads. Say what!? Yes, it's true. The company feels that too many Hispanics think of Mazda as Asian rather than Japanese, and a car that's Asian made just doesn't create the quality image that a Japanese made car does.