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Shape Up Your Restaurant Delivery System

One of the challenges pizzeria owners face on a daily basis is deliveries.

Deadline Looms on POS Smart Cards, but Most Small Businesses Unprepared

Small business owners for the most part have heard of this year's government-mandated October 1 deadline for having in place smart-card-ready POS (point-of-sale) systems, but an Intuit survey shows that 58 percent are not planning on making the switch or are undecided.

Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes when Picking Your Small Business Location

“Location, location, location” must be kept foremost in mind when deciding on the site for your bricks-and-mortar small business operation.

Company Announces Low 1.99 Percent POS Rate for American Express

Harbortouch, a point of sale (POS) system and merchant services provider, announced last week that the company is offering a 1.99% rate on American Express transactions, stating that it's the lowest in the industry.

Chinese Multi-Billionaire Jack Ma Wants U.S. Small Businesses to Grow Profits Using Alibaba

Jack Ma, China's wealthiest man, says to U.S. small business owners that there's money to be made together through Alibaba, the company he founded:

Top 5 Categories with the Highest Consumer Expectations

Think about this and what you might do. Imagine what’s considered to be the newest, coolest, most-value-adding differentiator in your category today will become a price-of-entry, table-stakes, ho-hum feature/value in the next two years. Faster, if the velocity of consumer expectations increases, which it does every year. What are you going to do?

'Autopsy' Features Failed Startup Postmortems

A new website,, features failed startups along with the reasons for their failures in the hope that others can learn and grow wiser.

5 Ways to Handle Bad Yelp Reviews of Your Restaurant

Negative reviews affecting business? Here are five ways to handle them.

Resolving the Hassle of Menu Labeling with Technology

Meeting the new requirements of menu labeling will be time consuming and burdensome to already busy restaurant owners or managers if done manually.

3 Ways Automation Saves Restaurants Time and Effort

Restaurant owners can tap into automation to cut down on time and effort spent on repetitive tasks, increasing profitability.