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McDonald’s Down Again in 1Q, Closes around 350 Restaurants

With red ink continuing to hemorrhage during its first quarter, McDonald's dealt with the expense of shutting down about 350 restaurants in three nations.

Scams Targeting Businesses Are Common As Fleas

Businesses, like everyone else, are targeted by scammers. One of the common schemes is the bogus bill. Forrest Anderson of Dayton, Ohio tells us about when he received one of those in the mail.

Remedy Intelligent Staffing and Westaff Franchisees Receive Awards

Santa Barbara, CA — April 9, 2015 Franchise owners and staff of Remedy Intelligent Staffing and Westaff received awards for excellence in management

5 Tax Deduction Reminders for Small Business Owners

All too many business owners overlook deductions to which they're entitled when working on their tax returns. Here are five.

Keep Your Startup Viable by Sidestepping These Common Cash Flow Problems

When cash flow isn't managed competently, particularly during a business's startup phase, its chances of failure are dramatically increased.

The Biggest Banks for Small Business

US Bank
US Bank, photo by BMM

RALEIGH, N.C. – American financial institutions are lending more of their loan portfolios to small businesses, whether franchised or not.

Cut Food Waste, Boost Profits

Is your restaurant wasting more food than it should? What is that doing to your bottom line? John Krebs offers some practical suggestions.

America’s Least Engaging Brands, 2015

This past January, Brand Keys announced the top brands that 36,605 US consumers found to be most emotionally engaging. That meant consumers saw those brands as best meeting their very high expectations.

Scott Adams: 'Goals Are for Losers, Passion Is Overrated'

Scott Adams, author and creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip, tells business leaders: "Goals are for losers. In a complex world, systems are better."

And the Academy Award for Advertising Engagement Goes to…

They call the Academy Awards the "Super Bowl for Women." Unlike the Super Bowl, ad space was sold out four months before the event. Just like the Super Bowl, ad rates were up to $1.9 million for a 30-second spot with first-time host, Neil Patrick Harris.