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Franchise and Multi-Location Company Strategies to Cope with Online Reviews

Once Amazon introduced its online book reviews by readers, which others found exceptionally helpful, it wasn't too many years before there were Yelp, Google, and other review sources, which are likewise relied on by many in arriving at a decision on where to spend their money.

To Hire Quality Millennials, Give Them What They Want

Business owners often struggle with hiring and keeping good workers. To bring quality millennials, who are roughly between the ages of 19 and 36, into your business you need to know what they want from a job, says Dr. Ernie Post, who works

Hire Superior Summer Employees for Your Restaurant

Two specialists give pointers on hiring good summer help.

Grow Your Business by Hiring Nurturing Leaders

Many of us unconsciously believe that women in leadership roles should be like men—whether we will admit this or not. Certainly, this view has gained support in research of successful leaders:

Arianna Huffington: Sleep Vital to Success

Kentucky state fair, cowboy taking a napBusiness owners often have so many must-do tasks that they shortchange their sleep, chronically getting less than that optimum that will boost their energy and clear their fogged brains.

Negotiating Free Rent for Franchise Tenants

As explained in our new book Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES, free rent is just one negotiable factor in a commercial lease. Even if you did not receive a rent-free period when you signed your first lease, you may be eligible for one when you renew (although you may have to work harder to get free rent on a renewal).

Why the Location You Lease Is More Important than the Franchise You Buy

One of the key attractions of any successful franchise systems is its proven formulas … as a franchisee, you will be joining a franchise system where much of the initial legwork has been done and any business mistakes have already been corrected.

5 Small Business Loan Sources

Suggestions a small business owner can use to get some cash are introduced in an article which has the appealing title of "5 Surprisingly Cheap Forms of Small Business Financing." 

Working on Franchise SEO Is for Masochists

Because of the nature of franchise chains, working on SEO for them can be hard on one mentally, according to an SEO consultant. He compares it to being punched in the face repeatedly.

Xero CEO Says Its Small Business Expertise Now of Interest to Big Business

Ten-year-old Xero, a cloud-based accounting software firm for small business, is just getting started on its core mission to turn it into the online business platform for the world, CEO Rod Drury said in a London interview late last week.