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Piada's Program to Attract and Keep Top Talent

Piada Italian Street Food, a small but quickly growing non-franchised fast casual chain, has put in place a three-pronged program that is designed to recruit and retain top talent in positions such as restaurant managers and chefs.

How to Avoid Hiring the Toxic Employee

In light of the damage a toxic employee can inflict on a company, it makes sense that the best option is to avoid hiring toxic employees in the first place.  While this is more difficult than it sounds, there are some proactive measures that employers can take in the hiring process.

Fix the Toxic Staff or Fire the Employee?

To loosely paraphrase the great 18th century parliamentarian Edmund Burke, "[t]he only thing necessary for the triumph of toxic employees is for good employers to do nothing."

McDonald’s Recalls Children’s Activity Wristbands

McDonald's wristbands

McDonald’s is recalling 33 million Step-it activity wristbands after catching wind of complaints that they can cause skin irritations and burn children. The wristbands were manufactured in China for McDonald’s USA and Canada and distributed from August 9, 2016 to August 17, 2016 with Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals.

A Rogue's Gallery of Toxic Employees

Just because an employee is not always cheerful does not mean they are a toxic employee. There is a big  difference between occasionally being disagreeable and always being negative.

Subway Revitalization: What Is Needed to Make It Work

Coinciding with the Olympics, Subway has unveiled a new logo and a new round of advertising touting the new advertising themes. But a lot more than that is needed to revitalize the brand.

The Cost of Toxic Employees

What is the cost of hiring a toxic employee?  A recent study by the Harvard Business School looked at the cost to companies of hiring otherwise skilled employees who engaged in toxic behavior.

How to Support the Education and Development of Staff

Here are five ways you can help your staff improve and be better employees through education and training.

A Competitor Is Copying You. Now What?

Your business is off and running on your innovative idea. Then your secret dread springs to life: you see that someone else loves your business and has none-too-subtly copied it.

The Toxic Employee, Lost Cause or Fixable Problem?

Very few people would gamble their health and safety by exposing themselves every day to a toxic waste dump full of poisonous and corrosive chemicals. However, on a daily basis, many employees and managers face the workplace equivalent in dealing with toxic employees.