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Lawsuit allegation and claim from franchisee against the franchisor

US, European, Labor Unions Support Probe into McDonald’s Tax-Avoidance Structure

McDonald's worker
Striker: “McDonald's can easily afford to give us a raise." photo/Fightfor$15

An international trade union coalition representing 32 million workers has again expressed its strong support for European governments to beef up their investigation into McDonald's corporate structure that allowed it to register a cumulative revenue of €3.7 billion between 2009 and 2013, on which it reported only €16 million in taxes.

Subway ‘Footlong’ Case Now Argued before Federal Appeals Court

After an Australian teenager's Facebook posting went viral in 2013, showing in a photo how his Subway signature "footlong" sandwich fell short of its name by an inch, inspiring plaintiff lawyers to jump in with lawsuits, and resulting in a settlement, the Subway sub fiasco is not over yet.

Ex-Workers File Putative Class Action Claiming Celebrity Wahlburgers Stole Wages

Wahlburgers meal
Photo by Joey Newcombe

NEW YORK – Five former workers filed a class action lawsuit last week against Wahlburgers restaurants and three of its franchisee entities and their officers, claiming widespread wage theft.

Judge Allows Class Action Worker Wage Theft Litigation to Proceed

Photo: McDonald's Workers Take a Break

A district judge in California ruled last week to allow a class action lawsuit alleging wage theft to go forward, even though he remained unconvinced that McDonald's Corporation exercises enough control over working conditions in the franchise stores to be held liable for fair wage and overtime claims.


Appeal Filed in Planet Fitness Transgender Case over Slogan

Photo from Wikipedia

LANSING, Michigan – A former member of Planet Fitness is now appealing a circuit court decision that dismissed her case by reasoning that the company's slogan, "the judgment free zone," was clear disclosure that a biological man identifying himself as woman was allowed to use the women's locker room.

McDonald’s Appeals Class Certification of Franchisee Workers in Wage Suit

SAN FRANCISCO – After a federal court certified as a class 800 current and former employees of a McDonald's multi-unit franchisee to pursue claims that they were not paid fairly for wages, overtime and maintenance of uniforms, McDonald's Corporation, also named as a "joint employer" under the theory of direct and vicarious liability, has filed a petition with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to review the case.

Panera Sues Ex-Technology VP, Papa John’s, for Conspiring on Its Trade Secrets

SAINT LOUIS, Missouri – On Monday Michael R. Nettles, Panera Bread's former vice president of architecture in its Information Technology department, accepted a position with Papa John's pizza chain.

Appeals Court Dismisses Franchisee Claims against Franchisor in Disclosing Confidential Settlement in FDD

AUSTIN, Texas - A U.S. appeals court issued a decision this month upholding the dismissal of claims brought by a franchisee who alleged she was entitled to liquidated damages in the amount of $20 million because the terms of her confidential settlement with franchisor Keller Williams Realty were published in the company's Franchise Disclosure Document.