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Lawsuit allegation and claim from franchisee against the franchisor

Subway Suing Canadian TV Network over Chicken DNA Report

Subway is suing the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. over its Marketplace news program's report that tests showed the chicken in two of its sandwiches was 53.6 and 42.8 percent chicken DNA, with the rest of it being mostly soy. The tests were carried out at Trent University in Ontario.

Appellate Revives Franchisee’s Defamation Claims against Cold Stone, Attorney Robert Zarco

An appeals court has now cleared the way for former Cold Stone Creamery franchisee Cecil Rolle to move forward with his defamation lawsuit against the franchisor and its legal counsel, Robert Zarco. The three-judge panel ruled on Wednesday that the alleged damaging remarks Cold Stone and its attorney made about the Florida ice cream shop owner after he appeared on a national television franchise expose were not protected as the trial court determined.

Franchise and Dealer Terminations for Free Take-Backs by the Franchisor

Instant Replay: According to the franchisor, the franchisees are thieves and the franchisor is the good guy who is saving the community from corrupt people.

Francorp’s New Tactic, 'Fraudulently Inducing' Louisiana Business Owners

Independent business owners in Louisiana are being targeted by a new franchise scheme, one that is well-orchestrated by an industry veteran with a checkered past. Donald S. Boroian, founder and principal of the troubled Francorp Inc., a 40-year old franchise development firm that works with start-up franchisors is the culprit.

GNC Blindsided by Last-Minute Fox Cancellation of Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl LI between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons was a game that will be long remembered, but another conflict that also may long be remembered had already begun off the field among would-be Super Bowl advertiser GNC, Fox Broadcast and the NFL.

Subway’s Late CEO Fred DeLuca Testifies at Trial via Videotape

The late co-founder/CEO of the Subway restaurant chain, Fred DeLuca, made the decision twelve years ago to partner with Anthony Pugliese III, a powerful real estate tycoon in Delray Beach, Florida to develop a green community south of Orlando under the trademark "America's First Eco-Sustainable City." Four years later the project crashed, resulting in "highly complex civil and criminal" lawsuits between the two powerful wealthy businessmen.

CorePower Yoga Founder’s Death Ruled Suspicious

San Diego homicide detectives are now investigating the suspicious death of CorePower Yoga founder Trevor Tice after police officers found his body in his upscale Sunset Cliffs home on Monday, responding to a request for a welfare check on the resident. News reports state he bought the home last January for $3 million.

Appeals Court Affirms Class Certification of Jani-King Franchisees-As-Employees Suit

In a lawsuit filed by two Jani-King franchisees, alleging they were wrongly classified as independent contractors instead of employees, an appeals court affirmed in September a ruling by the district court that the case could go forward as a class action against the world's largest commercial cleaning franchisor.

CFA Opposes Joint Employer while Addressing Franchisor Control

On July 29, 2014, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued an Advice Memorandum (“memo”) which would greatly expand liability for franchisees across the country.

Jared’s Ex-Wife Sues Subway Claiming Corporate Knew about Child Sex Abuse

Subway interior

After repeatedly denying it had received any complaints about celebrity pitchman Jared Fogle requesting sex with children while promoting its brand, Subway and its Franchisee Advertising Fund are now facing a lawsuit filed on behalf of Jared's former wife and children.