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Marriott-Starwood Merger Hits China Snag

The Marriott $13.6 billion buyout of Starwood has run into red tape in China:

Best Western Partners with University of Phoenix for Hotel Employee Education

Best Western Hotels & Resorts and the University of Phoenix are partnering to provide customized hospitality education certificates and tuition reductions to the hotel chain's employees.

Luxury Hotels CEO Talks about the Hospitality Industry

The luxury hotel concept has changed dramatically since Small Luxury Hotels of the World CEO Filip Boyen worked in Bora Bora 20 years ago, he says.

DNC Delegates Cramming into Hotel Rooms to Cope with High Rates

Delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia find that in many cases their pocketbooks are no match for the premium rates that hotels are charging.

Hotels Finding that Texting Rather than Talking Has Its Advantages

Hotels are finding that many of their guests would rather text than talk.

Airbnb May Bite into Hotel Premium Rates during National Political Conventions

Hotels normally can count on booming business during national political conventions, when they are booked to capacity and charging guests higher than the usual rates.

Starwood Expands Availability of Keyless Locks

Smartphone entryStarwood’s guest experience with its keyless, smartphone-based room entry system since its launch over a year ago must have been positive: it is expanding the new technology over the next several months to include more of its hotel lines and more guests.

Finding a Hotel’s Actual Guest Acquisition Cost

Kalibri Labs CEO and co-founder Cindy Estis Green says hotels these days can have at their digital fingertips their cost of guest acquisition; break it down by source; mix, sort and analyze the data; lay out a strategy for improvement source by source; and compare their own financial statistics with others in the industry, leading to better control over their business and its bottom line.

Hotel Attrition and Cancellation Revenue

Historically, if a guest notified the hotel at 6 p.m. on the day of arrival that they would not be checking in, that was usually sufficient to waive any cancellation fees.

Red Roof Reveals Hotels with Fastest Wi-Fi

Free wi-fi is important to guests when choosing a hotel and the speed of that wi-fi is an important consideration.