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Hotels Give to Get an Analysis of Complimentary Services and Rooms

The offering of complimentary services and amenities by U.S. hotels is on the rise.

Red Lion Reports Growth in Franchise Contracts Signed

Red Lions room
Photo courtesy of RLHC

Red Lion Hotels Corporation (NYSE:RLH) reported that three franchise contracts had been signed in January. After its Vantage Hospitality acquisition in October of last year, the new and bigger Red Lion Hotels Corporation calculated for the full 2016 calendar year, 87 franchise agreements had been signed under ten of its hotel brands.

Hotel Caves to Hacker Ransom Demand

Hackers successfully extracted money from an Austrian hotel by remotely interfering with guest keycards and demanding a ransom. The hotel's general manager, Christoph Brandstaetter, considered the ransom ($1800), the deadline before it doubled (the end of the day), his complaining guests, and decided to pay up.

Hospitality Lodging Systems Added Brand, Hotels in 2016

Atlanta-based Hospitality Lodging Systems (HLS), a system of 41 hotels, added a new brand in 2016, AmeriVu Inns & Suites. HLS is the parent firm of Budgetel and Haven Hotel brands.

A Look at Marriott and Hilton's Franchise Model

Hotel properties are often owned by others, not the hotel company whose name appears on the building, and run under a franchise agreement or managing agreement. Here's a closer look at why Marriott, the world's largest hotel group, and Hilton, the third largest, as well as franchisees and general managers which operate under their brands, find that a good arrangement.

Hotel Retail Outlets Are Growing in Profit

Historically hotels have offered retail outlets primarily for guest convenience and satisfaction. In general, the revenue generated by hotel retail outlets represents only a small part of total hotel revenue.

Survey: Percentage of Hotels with Bibles Has Dropped Drastically over Past Decade

Important story correction: In an email to Blue MauMau after the story below was published, STR stated: "Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that a response error produced incorrect data in regards to question 14 of the survey (Percentage of Hotels with Religious Material in Room). A corrected entry has resulted in an updated figure of 79% of U.S. hotels with religious material in room in 2016. This data can be viewed in the updated attachment."

UK's 'Oldest Hotel' Destroyed by Blaze

Royal Clarence Hotel
Before the fire. Photo from Wiki Commons

The 287-year-old Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter, U.K. was gutted by a fire which started in a building next door, then spread to the hotel. Raging for days, with more than 150 firefighters at the scene, only a charred shell of the historic hotel was left.

Major Hotel Brands Sweetening Loyalty Programs

Major hotel chains are revising their loyalty programs to retain guests and gain new ones in the face of changes in the hospitality environment, such as competition from alternative forms of lodging and hotel consolidations.

J W Marriott Exploring Branded Cinema

Rather than interrupting readers or viewers with unwanted commercials, Marriott is exploring a better way: producing travel shorts and programs that promote its hotels while entertaining and informing its audience. The hotel chain, as of last month the largest in the world, has recruited Bill Rancic, winner of the first Apprentice season and now a restaurateur, to host its latest series.