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News and events that center around the selling and granting of franchise licenses

Increase in NY Minimum Wage to $15 Can Backfire in More Ways than One

The opening statement from the NY Times is a bit of a reach but this move will have negative repercussions for certain franchise sectors.

Christian Brothers Auto Repair Franchisee Revenues Up

Christian Brothers Automotive Repair, a national, faith-based franchise system, posted a 4.4 percent increase in average franchisee revenues, from an average of $1,174,586 in 2013 to $1,225,862 in 2014.

Incubator Plan and Fast Casual franchise Between Rounds Café offer Fresh Start

Fast casual dining is the fastest growing segment in the restaurant industry.

David Weil Isn't Winning, Franchisors Are Losing

The franchise industry is on the verge of losing a battle regarding employer liability, as old arguments fail to address new opponents.

McDonald's Hiking Franchisee Rents

McDonald's is raising rents for franchisees just when it hurts the most: during its current long business slide.

McDonald's to Stop Reporting Same-Store Sales on Monthly Basis

McDonald's reported on Wednesday that it would stop reporting same-store sales each month, starting in July. Is that bad?

Franchisor, Police, Blame Franchisee for Waco Massacre

Police say they knew the planned biker meeting this past Sunday meant trouble and asked the franchise owner of the Twin Peaks restaurant where it was scheduled to ban the motorcyclists.

A Twist from Tennessee: Why the NLRB Ruling Will Have No Effect There

Sometimes in order to move forward, we have to take a look back. Let’s start at the beginning.

In July 2014, the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that  McDonald’s could be held jointly liable for labor and wage violations by its franchise operators.

Statement on Franchise Survey Call

I am writing to clarify my involvement on yesterday's press call related to the Franchise Grade franchisee survey and the official positions of the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) bo

Why Chipotle Doesn't Want to Franchise

Even though many would-be franchisees would love to be a part of Chipotle's success, the company has no plans to franchise, in spite of having been under the wing of franchise giant McDonald's from 1998 to 2006.