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News and events that center around the selling and granting of franchise licenses

Cadillac Planning for Some Dealerships to Have No Cars

Cadillac has a glut of dealerships. Its solution to the problem is to implement five tiers of dealerships, asking some of those with the lowest volumes if they would be willing to give up Cadillacs on the lot

Wetzel's Pretzels Co-Founders Talk about the Business of Franchising

Wetzel's Pretzels CEO and co-founder Bill Phelps and co-founder Rick Wetzel talk to Pimm Fox of Bloomberg Television's Taking Stock about the business of franchising.

Sonic Negotiates Hundreds of Millions in Securitization

OKLAHOMA CITY—Sonic Corp. (NASDAQ:SONC), a chain of 3,500 drive-in restaurants, announced last week that it will be dipping into business securitization for debt based on future fees that its franchisees are expected to pay the franchisor. Sonic has negotiated to receive $425 million in a 4.472 percent fixed rate senior secured note with an expected life of seven years.

What Percentage of McDonald's Restaurants Is Franchisee Owned?

A full 82 percent of McDonald's [NYSE:MCD] 36,525 restaurants worldwide at year-end 2015 were owned by three categories of franchisees. The company is aiming for 95 percent long term.

Krispy Kreme Says It Wants to Improve Franchisee Profitability

Krispy Kreme's CEO Tony Thompson said during the company's earnings call on Tuesday that it is in the process of making changes to improve franchisee profits.

McDonald's Real Estate Empire

A big part of McDonald's, the franchisor's, success is something that most people don't even think about—its huge real estate holdings.

Largest Multi-Unit Franchisees Ranked

See a list of the largest multiunit franchisees by total unit count, along with the number of units owned and their brands, starting with NPC International, which has 1,499 Pizza Hut, Wendy’s and Taco Bell restaurants.

Franchisee-Operated Investment Fund Buys Fuzzy's Taco Shop

NRD Capital Management, a franchisee-sponsored and -operated private equity firm, has acquired a 70 percent stake in Texas-based Fuzzy's Taco Shop, a 90-unit franchise brand.

IFA Takes No Action for Now against Conner

Franchise Marketing Systems marketing franchising services at the International Franchise Association Conference 2016
Franchise Marketing Systems at IFA's 2016 Convention

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – For franchising consultant Christopher Conner and the International Franchise Association it was business as usual at the International Franchise Association's 2016 Convention last week, despite the states of California and Maryland ordering Conner to cease and desist from selling franchises.

Prosecutor Drops Confronting the Seamier Side of Life for Franchise Ownership

A St. Louis prosecutor, who daily confronted the baser parts of human character and who once received death threats following a case that required 24-hour police protection, decided that franchise ownership had to be more rewarding.