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News and events that center around the selling and granting of franchise licenses

Expanding Nationally the Right Way

Fast growth in locations isn't the most important facet in a franchise brand's health and prosperity. Many a franchisor has run into problems when expanding nationally, one example of which many of us saw in The Founder, the recent movie bio-pic of Ray Kroc, who brought McDonald's from a handful of locations to a worldwide giant. The original McDonald's brothers found problems in expanding via franchising, and later Kroc also ran into serious difficulties, causing him to make major adjustments.

Franchise Pros Comment on Their Businesses

Franchise pros, most of them franchisees, comment on doing business in this 15-panel slideshow. The operations run a wide gamut from beef jerky, frozen treat, hamburger, janitorial service, pizza and more.

The Secret of Franchise Growth per Arby's CEO

Arby's CEO Paul Brown was recently interviewed by Nations Restauant News, upon their release of 2016 same store sales gains  (plus 3.6%), an overall rise of AUV to $1.1 million (plus 40% from 2010) and an increase in unit counts in 2016 (60).

Gym Owners Talk about the Challenges of Running a Franchise Business

Orange Theory Fitness owners Susan and Dustin Gross opened their health club business last April.

Planet Fitness Growth Fueled by Existing Franchisees

Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau, a walking advertisement for the benefits of his company's gyms, says 90 percent of new locations are opened by existing franchisees who are very good operators of multiple locations. The company will continue to rely on them, expecting to open about 200 locations a year, including some in Canada as well as in the U.S., he states.

Kayla Griffin: From Sports to New Chick-fil-A Franchisee

The new Venice, California Chick-fil-A owner/operator aspired to a career in sports, but after taking a part-time job at a Chick-fil-A, started to lean toward a career with the company instead. The interview process to become a franchisee took nearly four years.

Illinois Dairy Queen Franchisee Loses Store after Racist Rant

A Dairy Queen franchisee, who was widely reported nationwide and internationally of using offensive racist language against a biracial mother who had asked for a refund, has lost his store. It remains closed until further notice.

Large Burger King Franchisee Buys 194 More Locations

GPS Hospitality just made a huge acquisition that nearly doubles its size, to 424 restaurants.

After Brand Leaves Yum, Franchise Owners Turn A&W Around

(Photo by BMM)

As America's oldest existing restaurant chain looks to 2017, franchisee-owned A&W Restaurants, Inc. says it is thriving. The franchisor says it will soon celebrate its five-year anniversary of franchisee ownership. Since leaving Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM), A&W says it has figured out how to turn the brand around. It has grown despite the restaurant sector experiencing sluggish sales.