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Lost opportunities: Franchisors adrift on a sea of color

Most attendants are minorities but are not being approached If franchisors want to be effective, their sales teams need to reflect the demographics of those they sell to. At the very least, they better naturally gravitate to and know how to relate to others outside their Caucasian background if they want to plug into a larger slice of new prospective customers.

I saw this phenomenon as my friend and I walked around the West Coast Franchise Expo. As 40-something year-old males, both of us are executives and quite similar, except my friend is white and I am of Chinese descent. Franchise development managers stared at my friend from the right while dozens of others stared from the left. As my friend was pulled to the side by numerous salespersons, one managed to engage me in discussion but then after a short while spoke more with my friend. I guess I'm a little harder to read. The two of us joked about it afterwards.

Contrary to impressions from the photo above, this shot is not taken in Idaho. White salespersons are selling to caucasion attendees on an aisle at the Expo in Southern California. Whites here weren't nearly as numerous as the ocean of minorities who walked by.

I’m a businessman with conservative Asian values. I don’t like to rock the boat and I certainly am not a diversity activist. Assuming there were roughly 200 exhibitions, and each booth had two staff, of the 400 odd franchising staff, there were some women at the booths, a Latino or two and a few blacks.

Halloween: Franchise Ghost Tales

Wishing you, your staff and family a happy halloween! Now if you can, go close up shop and enjoy. If you have to stay, then read on if you dare about HAUNTED FRANCHISE CHAINS. Here's the first tale of a haunted hotel...

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza at 35 W. Fifth Street, Cincinnati, OH. During the hotel's construction in the 1930s, one of the laborers was killed. His body was never found. Never ever... "The Lady in Green" has been seen in the Mezzanine level and the Hall of Mirrors. It is believed that she is the widow of the construction worker who died, and her restless spirit seeks his body. It seems her husband is happier in the next life without her. Oooohhh... If that's not enough to scare you than click "read more" below.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fatness

Capital DomeWhew! This is a relief to the industry and none too soon. Talk about frivolous law suits. Someone decides to eat a giant portion burger, monster size premium ice cream, or a frequent cheeseburger. They then sue fast-food chains because it can make them fat. Go figure! Fortunately, the U.S. House served up a super-size serving of relief for American fast-food purveyors Wednesday and a clear message when it voted 306-120 to bar overweight civil litigants from suing over the health aspects of burgers, fries and milk shakes. Republicans voted in near unison for the pass of the bill that banned liability of obesity on restaurants. The House decided that every American still has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of fatness... or slimness, if they so chose.

KFC Hillary Special

I hope the Hillary lovers out there (and I am one of them) have a good sense of humor. Here is an alleged sign of a Hillary special meal deal., who tracks the truthfulness of such things, tells more. If this is the restaurant of a reader, please let us know. Moreover, if anyone has photos of humorous franchise signs, click the contribute button on top to send the photo. Or if you are too shy, send it directly to me. I'm not shy. I'll post it.

Big Franchises Are a Sitting Legal Target

The family of George Torres has filed a wrongful death suit against McDonald's in Sanford, Florida . Torres, a trucker who pumps carbon dioxide into soda fountain tanks, found the store room locked. An 18 year-old McDonald's worker assisted him in improvising a way over a 10 foot wall so that Torres could deliver the gas. Edgar most likely didn't fasten the gas hose correctly. In this tragic case, the CO2 leaked without Edgar being able to open the locked door. He had no way out except jumping over the ten foot wall. The ladder was on the other side. Torres climbed over the wall to save young Edgar but was overcome by the gas as well.

The older Torres died that day, January 8, while the younger Mr. Edgar died a day later.

For a few dollars in America, anyone has the right to sue for any given reason. They may not be successful, but they can sue. It is interesting that nine months later the family of the trucker has decided to file a suit on the huge McDonalds chain and not on any other party. I mean, one would think that the family might sue the small trucking company for hiring someone that would so flagrantly bend safety rules in order to get his delivery in for the day.

There are many benefits of being associated with a goliath of a company. There are disadvantages too. One is that lawyers hope to sue local franchise owners in an attempt to tap into the coffers of the corporation. Notice how the trucker family isn't

Source: Orlando Sentinel