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News and events that center around the selling and granting of franchise licenses

Assessing franchising in the EU

Europe is taking centre stage in the growth strategies of many international franchisors. European Franchising magazine's editor Stuart Anderson reflects on a recent survey which reveals the growing interest this region is generating

Europe has long been a first port of call in the international expansion plans of most US franchisors seeking to enter new markets. Its collection of developed consumer and business-to-business markets, linked together by a free market system, and a usually favourable reponse to American goods, services and brands combines with a growing recognition of the value of a fully developed and supported Master Franchise package to make the region an exciting proposition for global growth.

Burn Your Old Economy 101 Textbooks

Remember that old Economy 101 class that taught supply and demand? And the effects of an artificially high price in creating a glut? Well, burn those old text books. There are a group of economists who say such a model is too simplistic when it comes to minimum wage.

In an opinion column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A moderate increase in the minimum wage won't raise unemployment among low-skilled workers, according to recent studies, many economists say... "My thinking on this has changed dramatically,"' says Alan Blinder, a former Federal Reserve vice chairman who teaches economics at Princeton University. "The evidence appears to be against the simple-minded theory that a modest increase in the minimum wage causes substantial job loss."

Protect Employees From Airborne Diseases, Including Bird Flu

New technology has created a protective face mask, originally developed for the medical industry.  These face masks are coated with a nanotechnology filtration system.  This creates a breakthrough opportunity for any hotel or restaurant to be able to prepare themselves and their employees for mitigating the effects of contagious pathogens.  These include toxic black mold and avian flu (bird flu).  

For those readers not familiar with toxic black mold, it is prevalent in any geographic area that has been hit by a flood. It can even be caused in both hotels and restaurants whose air conditioning systems emit excessive moisture, which is the breeding ground for toxic black mold.

International Franchising... explained

European franchisingAn introduction to international and European franchising for those new to the subject area.

WITH its roots in sales and distribution licensing, franchising has evolved in a number of directions, employing a variety of structures to fit different market models. 'Franchise' has become an 'umbrella' term for licences and distribution agreements as well as more involved business arrangements such as business format franchising. It is the latter that Franchise International defines as a franchise - a professionally put together concept in which the franchisee makes an investment with the franchisor in return for access to a proven business concept, strong branding and marketing strategies, full training in the systems and procedures and launch support from the franchisor. An ongoing franchise fee is then paid (as a percentage of the franchisee's turnover) to facilitate the franchisor's continued support and brand promotion.

Are You Being Overcharged On Your Commercial Lease?

 If you thought you were being overcharged on your Commercial Lease (as is the case in the vast majority of cases), most Tenants are not going to go out and hire a $300 per hour accountant or attorney to find out “if” they are being overcharged.  It is not logical that they would go out on pure speculation and try to identify whether their Landlord had been inadvertently overcharging them for a number of years.  Now, Tenants have a way to engage the services of professional commercial lease experts on what is called a Revenue Shared Benefit basis.  Here is what this means.

Cheney Administers Oath of Office to New SBA Chief

 Washington, D.C. - Vice President Dick Cheney administered the oath of office to the new SBA Chief, Steven Preston. Preston attended with his wife and 5 young children.

Amidst considerable controversy over the SBA's poor allocation of funds after 9-11 and Katrina, the Vice President touted the initiatives of the Bush administration in supporting small business.

Online Communities And Truth

 Online communities like Blue MauMau are getting a lot of attention nowadays because of the tremendous power and insights they provide (read the article The Power of Us , if you doubt this). Peter Friedman, the founder of one of the largest online community developers, LiveWorld, observes this to the StartupJournal. It rings true with our experience here that online communities and the phenomenon of blogging help shake the truth out. There is a power in sharing truth as we individually see it and in collectively sorting it out.

"In the world of marketing, for decades we've said the worst thing for a bad product is a good ad. Everybody will try it and figure it out. If people talk to each other, the reality and truth is in that conversation. The real question is: Is your marketing matching that truth? There is no question that the reality and the truth of what people think is in these communities."

A New Look, New Franchise Tools

 We promised you that we would continue to enrich your franchise experience and we meant it! This new site delivers state-of-the-art franchise tools (many more coming) with more original news stories sorted by industry (so that you can focus on just your line of work), blogs by some of the industry's top experts, the day's news feeds by industry, an audio streaming and podcast library of interviews with franchise CEOs and leaders, and oodles of research. Our site links to any place where there is important franchise information. So, if you want to be in the know about buying or managing a franchise, this is the place.

Do Franchisors Create More Value Than Non-franchise Competitors?

A resounding yes, according to a study by The William Rosenberg International Center of Franchising at the University of New Hampshire.