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Americans Mistake Overwork for Good Work

A survey conducted by says that one-in-four Americans will take work with them on vacation this year. To get a sense of why Americans are working harder, and taking less vacation, Lynn Neary speaks with Bob Rosner. He's the workplace columnist for

Listen to the NPR interview.

Massachusetts Approves Nation's Highest Minimum Wage

Massachusetts Senate has approved the nation's highest minimum wage of $8 an hour, angering some small businesses. It is expected to pass the state's House next week and will begin to apply in 2008.

"We are very disappointed," said Erin Trabucco, general counsel for the Retailers Association of America. "It's hard for small businesses to deal with the wage increase. They'll be left with no other option than to raise costs to their consumers." According to Trabucco, the wage increase and potential price hikes that ensue will be especially hard for small businesses in Massachusetts that are close to the border with New Hampshire, where the minimum wage remains at the federal level of $5.15 an hour. "It will be hard to remain in business, due to the competition," she said.

Independence Day

 Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day on this Fourth of July. Remember: He who uses fireworks safely keeps his hand to blog with another day.

Here's some tips from Gizmodo on how to play with fireworks safely and another article on how to take great firework photos. 

Cell Phone Breath Analyzer

 What else can the cell phone do for you ?

The Korean cell phone manufacturer LG Electronics's LP4100 brand, to be released in the U.S. later this year, not only takes pictures of your friends' bar tricks, it can also ward off two of a a wild party's most undesirable consequences - drunk dialing and DUIs.

The LP4100 has a built-in breath analyzer that, when blown into by an intoxicated partier, gives a warning and displays a nifty little animation of a car swerving on a road and crashing into traffic cones. (Which should be easy for even the tipsy mind to understand.)

Google Checkout

 It is getting easier and easier for your customers to buy your store's products or services online nowadays, especially with the launch of its newest offering, Google Checkout.

Google has started a new online payment service as of June 28. The service which was formerly code named GoogleWallet mainly targets online merchant consumers. The service is free during a trial period, then it will begin charging a rate of 1.5 to 2 percent on payments, which is equal or slightly below the rates charged by PayPal. Although Google does not have a complete e-commerce solution yet, they are getting there. You can buy items on Google Base and at the Google Store as well as pay for services like Google AdWords, Google Video and Google Earth.

No Minimum Wage Raise!

 Small business and franchise owners breath a sigh of relief tonight. In a divisive election year, the Republican controlled Senate smothered an unsuccessful attempt to raise the nation's minimum wage of $5.15 per hour. It rejected claims by leading Democrats that after a decade the minimum wage needed to be adjusted to a higher cost of living.

The Associated Press reports Senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass, one of the backers of the failed wage increase, as saying:

New Bill Wants Franchises Considered Small Business

Existing law prevents the SBA from recognizing individual franchises as small businesses when considering government contracts alloted for small businesses. House Small Business Chairman Donald Manzullo, R-Ill. wants to change that with a rule change. Under the proposed change, franchises would be allowed to compete for government small business contracts, amounting to some $119 billion annually, as long they met a certain size.

According to , not everyone agrees with the franchise-friendly changes.

"Lloyd Chapman, president of the American Small Business League, is waging a campaign against the provision, which he says would make 'every McDonald's considered a small business.'"

What is franchising? My personal definition!

Having had the good fortune of working in the franchising community for 25 years, I have come to define very personally the concept of franchising. When trying to define a term or concept it is important to understand what it is not.

Franchising is not an industry. Too often I hear people talk about the industry of franchising. It is like referring to joint ventures as an industry, or subsidiary operations as an industry. Franchising is not a guarantee for success. No business can guarantee a successful outcome. Franchising is not a “get quick rich” scheme. It is a business that requires patient capital. So if that is what franchising is not . . . what is it? What is franchising? Franchising is a method of growing a proven business model into a brand name. My personal definition of franchising includes five key elements.

Franchoice follies?

I still cannot substantiate it, but with my ear being in tune to all the latest and greatest in franchise anything, I am hearing that Franchoice is doing some serious reshuffling.

Rumor is that their President has been axed, with others to follow.

I know as a competitor of theirs that business is not exactly stellar right now, but with their merger recently with Fran-Buyer, who knows how things are shaking out.


Blue MauMau Has A New Look

 Welcome to the new and upgraded Blue MauMau franchise community. We promised you that we would continue to enrich your franchise experience and we meant it! Our old alpha site was a good first try. It helped achieve some of the highest franchise traffic on the Net.

This new site promises to deliver you state-of-the-art franchise tools, with more original news stories sorted by industry (so that you can focus on just your line of work) , the day's trade news by industry , research and experts than ever before. As you see, we do not limit ourselves only to the contents of this site. Our site is willing to link to any place where there is important franchise information. So, if you want to be in the know about buying or managing a franchise, this is the place.

Here's a few highlights on just what's new for readers who become writers in the upgraded Blue MauMau site: