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News and events that center around the selling and granting of franchise licenses

Griswold Home Care Announces It Is Franchising Again

CEO Matt Murphy receives AAFD award for Griswold from America's franchisees

Home care franchising chain Griswold Home Care announced on August 22 that it has returned to franchising. After stopping the sale of franchises for three years, the franchisor has begun again to actively look for franchise owners.

Why Franchisees Hate Their Franchisors

The CEO of a marketing company writes that his firm works with over 20,000 franchisees both in the U.S. and globally. He and others in the company hear many gripes from them. He is writing to franchisors, but since it's via Forbes, those on the franchisee side get to read about it and compare it with their own experiences, as well as using it as a guide to potential pitfalls before deciding whether or not to sign on with a franchise brand.

McDonald's Multi-Unit Franchisee Grew Up in Company

Stephanie Rawden, a multi-unit McDonald's franchise owner based in Pennsylvania, grew up in the McDonald's business. Her father, aunt and uncle all owned separate McDonald's locations, and now Stephanie owns multiple locations, partnering on the parent company with her brother, who owns his own Mickey D restaurants, according to the Reading Eagle Business Weekly.

5 Big Franchisees Share Their Success Secrets

Five of the biggest multi-unit franchisees talk about their paths to success, showing us in the process that those paths are unique to each business and don't run smooth. McDonald's is represented through their largest franchisee, Arcos Dorados, as well as Arby's, Wingstop, Dairy Queen and more.

Phone Industry Disruptor Brand Kix Mobile Opens First Store in Chicago Area

The first of dozens of stores planned for the Chicago area - the new store in Elmhurst, IL provides buy, sell, and trade on quality Certified Pre-Owned unlocked phones and Xchange-Repai

A Franchise That Gives Bang for Your Buck

At this time of the year we see fireworks stands that appear seemingly out of nowhere. Most of them are franchises.

Franchisees Share What They Wish They Had Known before Buying Their Franchise

Four franchisees recently formed a panel to discuss what they wish they had known before they bought their franchise. All agreed that staffing, managing and retaining employees was a key challenge. They also agreed that they didn't regret their decision to buy a franchise and were happy to be running their own businesses.

How U.S. Policies Promoted Fast Food Franchises over Other Businesses

U.S. government policies and American demographics have had an important influence in encouraging fast food franchise ownership over other kinds of business ownership in poorer, ethnic neighborhoods, according to a new book, Supersizing Urban America: How Inner Cities Got Fast Food with Government Help.

A&W Finds Major Unit Growth in Convenience Stores

A&W is revving up a major part of its growth through more convenience store locations. For the first time in more than 10 years, the chain, which was bought from Yum! Brands by a group of its franchisees back in 2011, is reporting positive unit growth.