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Politics, events and news that affect franchisee rights

Planet Fitness Franchisee Association Retains Former IFA CEO Steve Caldeira

The PF Independent Franchisee Association (PFIFA) announced today that it has retained former International Franchise Association CEO Steve Caldeira to advise the organization on strategic communications with its franchisee-based membership.

CFA On Social Media

Founded in 2007 and comprised of franchisee association leaders dedicated to the development and growth of their own organiz

Ten Worst Provisions in a Franchise Contract

If you are in the process of performing your due diligence on a franchise opportunity, you are probably struggling to comprehend the seemingly-unending legalese in the franchise agreement. Indeed, even the best franchise lawyer struggles to interpret what the drafters intended when they wrote some of the language in many of these agreement templates that, frankly, should have been overhauled long, long ago.

Franchisees Want Private Right of Action to Pursue Franchisor Lies in Disclosure Documents

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Franchise Rule is the guideline that franchisors follow in disclosing the risks and benefits of a franchise investment. It is a rule that the Federal Trade Commission says it strives to update every ten years.

Survey: Affordability Does Not Equal Discounting

Despite a return to promoting value, with various versions of “McPick2,” a new consumer survey ranks McDonald’s only sixth on affordability among 12 major burger/sandwich chains.

Expanding All-Day Breakfast Strains McDonald's Franchisees

In a move franchisees fear will create even more operational headaches, McDonald’s is now offering its full breakfast menu all day at over 150 locations in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and the Triad region of North Carolina, and is adding McGriddles to the all-day menu at 1,000 additional stores throughout the South.

Most States Lack Protections for Franchisees

There are 32 states that do not have laws that protect small-business franchisees from abusive franchisor practices.

Why Aren't More Franchisees on Company Boards?

A blog post on the Nation’s Restaurant News site has raised a great question: “Franchisees spend a lot of time and energy, and their own money, investing in a brand. So why aren’t more of them on company boards?”

McDonald's Ever-Changing Customization Plans

In the latest of a series of customization reversals, McDonald’s launched “Taste Crafted” burgers in over 600 Southern California restaurants in December. The move comes barely two months after the company announced it would retool and rename the program “Chef Crafted” because “the original name ‘TasteCrafted’ did not resonate with consumers.”