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Politics, events and news that affect franchisee rights

Most States Lack Protections for Franchisees

There are 32 states that do not have laws that protect small-business franchisees from abusive franchisor practices.

Why Aren't More Franchisees on Company Boards?

A blog post on the Nation’s Restaurant News site has raised a great question: “Franchisees spend a lot of time and energy, and their own money, investing in a brand. So why aren’t more of them on company boards?”

McDonald's Ever-Changing Customization Plans

In the latest of a series of customization reversals, McDonald’s launched “Taste Crafted” burgers in over 600 Southern California restaurants in December. The move comes barely two months after the company announced it would retool and rename the program “Chef Crafted” because “the original name ‘TasteCrafted’ did not resonate with consumers.”

McDonald's Pushes New Dollar Menu

McDonald’s is bringing back a version of the dollar menu, which the company abandoned in 2013 after years of franchisee complaints that it was unprofitable. McDonald’s says franchisees “voted” to approve the new McPick 2 promotion, which starts January 4 and offers any two of a selection of four menu items for $2.

AB-525, California Franchise Law of 2015

Signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday, October 11 to become law, effe

Benefits to Franchisees of California's New Franchise Law

On Sunday, Oct. 11, Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed California bill AB-525 into law. This sweeping new law gives franchisees across the state more protections when purchasing, transferring and terminating their franchise agreement.

California’s Governor Jerry Brown Signs Strongest Franchise Protection Rules in the U.S.

Sacramento capitol dome
Sacramento capitol dome. photo/thomas hawk

SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a new franchise protection law Sunday afternoon that gives California franchise owners the strongest rights in the United States.

California Franchisees: Urge Governor Brown to Sign Pro-Franchisee Legislation into Law!

Last week, the California State Senate voted unanimously to pass CA AB525, a bill which amends the California Fair Franchise Act and grants franchisees across the state more freedom in running their business.  Several days later, the California State Assembly voted 79-0 in favor of the bill as well.

Two Franchisee Protection Bills Introduced in U.S. Congress!

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. by wbeem on Flickr
Capitol Hill. Photo by wbeem

WASHINGTON—This morning two bills to assist America's franchise owners were introduced in Congress. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) authored the Fair Franchise Act of 2015, a bill to protect franchisees from predatory franchising practices after a franchise is bought, and the Small Business Administration (SBA) Franchise Loan Transparency Act, which would help buyers to obtain more accurate financial information prior to investing in a franchise.