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McDonald's Franchisee Created Filet-O-Fish

McDonald's franchisee Lou Groen created the Filet-O-Fish back in 1962 to boost sagging Friday sales in his predominantly Catholic neighborhood.

'McLandlord' Report Highlights Fat Rent McDonald’s Collects from Franchisees

A coalition of European and American trade unions released a report this week shining a bright light on how McDonald's Corporation's market power and real estate practices enable it to extract excessive rental payments from its franchisees. That, they say, could be leading to higher prices for consumers and lower wages for workers.

4 Metrics that Your Restaurant Should Track

Four metrics for your restaurant can help you run it at top profit-generating efficiency: 1) sales per labor hour, 2) average cover, 3) up-selling and 4) food costs. The most efficient, easiest way to keep on top of these is through the right cloud-based software that will work with your POS system and be accessible on your mobile devices.

More Surprises Found at DineEquity: Limitations of the Asset Light Model with No CEO or CFO Now and De Minimus Disclosure

Wednesday's earnings call at DineEquity (DIN) revealed yet more drama. DineEquity's CFO resigned, which ordinarily is surprise enough. But his resignation came on top of the announced departure of long time CEO Julia Stewart, which was announced just last week. The stock fell about 15% in one day.

Voice Technology Will Be As Good As Human

Smartphone image on Creative Commons Wikimedia CommonsHow many of your customers have smartphones? That smartphone technology and its ubiquity is revolutionizing restaurants and hospitality establishments. What's on the edge right now is voice interface.

Franchisee Jeff Davis: Overtime, Wages & Paid Leave Regulations Are Hard on Restaurants

Jeff Davis, chairman and CEO of Arby's largest franchisee, Oklahoma-based United States Beef Corp, and the new chairman of the National Restaurant Association, writes this opinion piece in his local paper, Tulsa World.

DNA Tests Show Subway’s Oven-Roasted Chicken Is Only Half Chicken

A DNA investigation by Canada's CBC News into Subway's oven-roasted chicken sub found that only 53.6 percent of the chicken is actually chicken. Most of the rest is soy.

The Economist: How HoJo Lost Its Mojo

The last HoJo in the world is up for sale. That is quite a letdown for arguably the earliest pioneer of business format franchising.

Does Online Grocery Shopping Hurt Legacy Chain Grocery Stores?

When an industry sector is capitulating customers, sales, and retail format customer relevance they seemingly want to blame someone else. One company told me, “it’s not our fault customers are migrating to other formats."

Trump, Immigrants and Restaurants

There is an interesting debate in the foodservice industry on the impact to restaurants by the Administration's policies on immigration and undocumented workers.