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McDonald’s Pushes Out Small Fry Franchisees

McDonald's friesMcDonald's is taking a page from competitors' playbooks in downsizing the number of mom and pop franchisees. It is helping its larger franchisees gobble them up.

Know the License and Permit Requirements for Your Restaurant

Obtaining the right licenses and permits are crucial for a restaurant to stay on the right side of the law, but requirements differ by area. Here's some help in tracking down the requirements for your restaurant in your area.

DOE Recognizes Wendy’s and Franchisee for Energy Leadership

On Wednesday the U.S. Department of Energy recognized both franchisor The Wendy's Company (NASDAQ: WEN) and franchisee Wendco Group for leadership in energy efficiency.

Fresh Fruit Is Fast Food

Fresh fruit is fast food and with that comes the halo of "better for you" since 1991. Retailers have found success with apples, mandarin oranges, cherries, strawberries, grapes and blackberries.

Little Caesars Tops with Pokémon Go Players

A survey places Little Caesars as the most popular restaurant brand among Pokémon Go players, followed by Buffalo Wild Wings, then Jack in the Box.

Falling Restaurant Sales May Affect Ability to Make Lease Payments

When lease payments are high and sales fall, as they have recently, the result could be failed restaurants.

Gallup Says Restaurants Poll as Most Popular U.S. Industry

Consumers have voted restaurants as their highest regarded industry, according to Gallup. The polling firm states that restaurants and computer industries have vied for the two top positions since 2001.

Low-Wage Workers Hold First-Ever ‘Fight for $15’ Convention

RICHMOND, Virginia – Thousands of low-wage workers from around the country took to the street in Richmond, Virginia last weekend in the sweltering heat, ending their first-ever "Fight-for-$15" Convention at which they vowed to hold elected officials accountable during the election season and beyond to build an economy that works for everyone.

Chili's Promotes '3 for Me' Value Meal

Chili's recently launched a new "3 for Me" meal promotion to tempt guests new and old into its restaurants.

Could Your Menu Be More Customer Friendly?

We've all had the experience of perusing a menu and seeing the name of a dish, or more likely several, and wondering what they were. Menus should be more customer friendly than that.