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How to Write Better Menu Descriptions that Increase Profits

Long-time menu engineer Gregg Rapp puts forth a set of best practices that restaurant owners can follow to create descriptions that define their establishment and increase profits. 

Yelp Tips for Franchisees

Yelp can make or break your restaurant. The review site is likely the first place people consult before deciding on a place to eat.

Predictive Ordering Appeals to Most Restaurant Operators

In a survey of more than 500 restaurant operators conducted for the National Restaurant Association and sponsored by American Express, 53 percent said that they would implement predictive ordering technology if it were available.

Leading Foodservice Provider Compass Commits to 100% Cage-Free Eggs

Building on its existing policy, Compass Group PLC, one of the world’s leading food and support services companies, has made a commitment to source 100 percent cage-free eggs (both shell and liquid) in their U.S. operations by 2019, saying that they have already made significant progress towards that goal.

Avoid These 5 Financial Pitfalls When Opening Your Restaurant

A major weakness of all too many business owners is not having a good grasp of the financials of their own business. David Natan, CPA, offers five tips for avoiding the snares and to getting started on the right foot when opening a restaurant.

Restaurant Chains Targeted in Buying Flurry

At least eight restaurant chains, seven of them franchised, were involved in a flurry of buying activity from Friday, September 2, through Friday, September 9. Private equity firms were buyers in the majority, but not all, of the deals.

Restaurant Lunch Visits Decline Sharply from a Changing American Lifestyle

Wendy's value 4 for $4 lunch meal
Americans look for value offerings  Photo/bmm

Restaurateurs are having a tough time competing with the changing work and lifestyle habits of Americans, especially when it comes to lunch. Lunches at restaurants, which account for a third of all restaurant traffic, have posted consecutively steeper declines over the past six months, according to a major research group.

Roark Capital Acquires Majority of Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John'sJimmy John's Sandwiches announced today that private equity firm Roark Capital Group has signed a definitive agreement to buy a majority interest in the firm. Founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud, the chain has more than 2,500 franchises.

Little Caesars Begins $150M Expansion to Detroit HQ

Fox Office Center in Detroit

Twenty-seven years after moving headquarters from Detroit's suburbs to the downtown Fox Office Center (pictured), Little Caesars has plans to more than double the size of its current head office premises to accommodate the company's growth.

Pizza Hut Indonesia Alleged to Have Used Expired Ingredients

Pizza Hut, its delivery arm Pizza Hut Delivery, and franchise Marugame Udon, a popular noodle chain in Japan that has branched out overseas, have been accused of using ingredients past their expiration date in food served to their guests in Indonesia.