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Ronald McHottie!

Ronald McHottieMcDonald's long-time mascot Ronald McDonald has been replace in Japan by a slim, sexy female mascot. Is this the wave of the future? Did McDonald's Japan take notice of Carl's Junior sexy Paris Hilton ads and realize that it is the beginnings of things to come?

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fatness

Capital DomeWhew! This is a relief to the industry and none too soon. Talk about frivolous law suits. Someone decides to eat a giant portion burger, monster size premium ice cream, or a frequent cheeseburger. They then sue fast-food chains because it can make them fat. Go figure! Fortunately, the U.S. House served up a super-size serving of relief for American fast-food purveyors Wednesday and a clear message when it voted 306-120 to bar overweight civil litigants from suing over the health aspects of burgers, fries and milk shakes. Republicans voted in near unison for the pass of the bill that banned liability of obesity on restaurants. The House decided that every American still has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of fatness... or slimness, if they so chose.

The OTHER drive-through!

A 78 year-old man struck the glass entryway of a downtown Burger King with his car on Friday as he backed up. He calmly parked his car right there, went inside, and promptly ordered himself a meal. This was one hungry man who thought very highly of the food in that establishment. How do you think the general manager of the restaurant handled this? Restaurant managers, take note...

4,000-Year-Old Noodle Dish

Italians are known for them and theories suggest they may have originated in the Middle East but scientists said Wednesday the world's oldest known noodles, dating back 4,000 years, were made in China.

I could have told the world that for free, as could all of my Chinese friends. History books there say that Marco Polo brought back noodles from his journey to China. In other words, although modern Italians might like it, Romans didn't eat or have spaghetti. Any Chinese school kid knows that. Duh!

Carl's Jr. plans Seattle expansion says that burger chain Carl's Jr. plans to bring its trademark smiling yellow star to the Seattle area next year. Owned by Carpinteria's CKE Restaurants, Carl's has only a handful of restaurants now in Washington, all on the eastern side of the state. That's about to change. Carl's franchisee Trani Food Group of Modesto, California plans two dozen stores around south Puget Sound over the next eight years.

Jack in the Box Introduces Butterfinger Cheesecake

Here's the latest. Jack in the Box debuts a butterfinger cheesecake. It's their old cheesecake with butterfinger on top. It sounds delicious for $1.69 suggested price.


Fast-Casual losing to QSRs

In the wrestle of dining concepts, Chain Leader magazine states that new fast-casual dining is losing the battle as quick service restaurants fight back. "Chipotle Mexican Grill and JBX Grill clearly illustrate what has become of the once-sizzling fast-casual restaurant segment. While McDonald's is planning a $1 billion IPO for the Chipotle chain (of which it owns a 90% stake), Jack in the Box has pulled the plug on its JBX fast casual concept." CL further states, "The reason why fast-casual is fading is that fast feeders stepped up their game...Fast-casual raised the bar and fast food has responded. There are more better-for-you options available now than there were a couple of years ago."

KFC Hillary Special

I hope the Hillary lovers out there (and I am one of them) have a good sense of humor. Here is an alleged sign of a Hillary special meal deal., who tracks the truthfulness of such things, tells more. If this is the restaurant of a reader, please let us know. Moreover, if anyone has photos of humorous franchise signs, click the contribute button on top to send the photo. Or if you are too shy, send it directly to me. I'm not shy. I'll post it.

Wendy's Expected To Lose Market Share to McD's

Here's more supporting a continued slump by Wendy's. The reader may recall that one of the suggestions of my earlier blog entry was for Wendy's to revamp its marketing efforts and how. Well, it seems that Wendy's continues to bleed with more bad news. The stock rating for Wendy's International was cut by Prudential Equity Group from neutral weight to underweight, expecting Wendy's to lose more market share to McDonalds because of a poor marketing plan.

More information on Red Robin's Ex-CEO

Business Week Online ran this story on Michael J. Snyder, the former CEO of Red Robin, who left his position after an audit uncovered expenses that were inconsistent with company policy. According to Wiggin and Dana's Franchise Law Blog, Snyder repaid $1.25 million to cover the disputed expenses and stays on as an unpaid consultant to the company and still owns 31% of the company as the chain's largest franchisee.