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Picurro busted again?!? Will Other Company Leaders Please Step Forward

It seems that Mr. Picurro, the founder and CEO of the Tucson-based Picurro Pizzaria franchise, has been busted on yet another charge of soliciting sex with yet another sleuth who posed as a minor. Wasn't he just barely home on bail for his first incident? Peter Picurro, age 44, was indicted on seven new counts of soliciting sex with a minor after the local police received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that he had propositioned a member, who was also posing as a child on the Internet. You may recall that his first episode was soliciting online to a police detective whom was posing as a minor.

Brand Molested, Franchisees Revolt

Don't think that not much happens in Tucson, Arizona, where Marshall Wyatt Earp once roamed. It seems the law is being summoned again. After a franchise chain's namesake, Picurro, harmed the brand for alleged child molestation, four Picurro Pizzeria franchises in Tucson want their franchise contracts voided . The question is, can they?

This is no easy feat, but what else is one to do if the company's CEO and namesake has slandered the Picurro name by sexually soliciting minors? Picurro's name has been in the papers and on television for the offense. The bad publicity seems to be affecting business. Franchise owners say they have seen a dip in business of some 40%.