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Super Size Me Creator Opening Chicken QSR

Morgan Spurlock, creator, director and star of Super Size Me, the film that wreaked havoc on McDonald's, is opening a Holy Chicken! quick service restaurant in Columbus, Ohio this weekend for a mere four days. It's a test location for bigger things to come, he says, and the stress is on wholesome food. The restaurant will officially open in January.

Taco Bell Experiments with New Restaurant Design in Vegas

Taco Bell's new cantina-style restaurant at Las Vegas StripA new Taco Bell restaurant model made its debut Monday on the Las Vegas Strip. It is a cantina-style restaurant that not only sells food but also sells branded bikini memorabilia.

Proper Hand Washing Essential in Preventing Food-Borne Illnesses

It seems that everyone has been trained from toddler days about how, when and where to wash their hands and that little need be said about it to restaurant workers. But all too often workers fail to live up to acceptable standards in this basic hygiene procedure.

Pie Five Same-Restaurant Sales Fall by 15 Percent in Q1

Rave Restaurant Group Inc. (NASDAQ:RAVE) today reported that same-restaurant sales in its fiscal first quarter decreased yet again for its Pie Five fast-casual pizza restaurants. They dove 15 percent in comparison to the same period last year.

Restaurateurs Embrace Election Day

For some restaurants and restaurateurs, this presidential election day is not just business as usual. They are seizing the opportunity to do something different, entertaining, fun, or perhaps all three together.

Is Takeout the Boost Casual Dining Needs?

Casual dining restaurants have been losing ground to competing restaurant concepts for years. Would adding takeout dramatically increase sales? Here's a look at the results of three chains who have tried it.

Denny's Three C's for Success

Cyber data and consumer discontent were not among the three C’s of success for Denny’s. However many times after a company experiences consumer discontent they step up in the minds-eye of the consumers to refocus, retool, and refresh.

Domino’s Sees Consolidation of Fast-Casual Pizza Players

A group of similar fast-casual pizza chains are selling franchises hand over fist, growing from small to bigger. Despite that, competitor Domino's Pizza thinks that consolidation among this new crop of fast-casual franchisors looks likely.

Roy Choi: More Rewards from Running Restaurants than Just Making Money

When weighing investing in a restaurant, the most important consideration we're told to look for is how much of a return on investment can we reasonably expect? But food truck pioneer Roy Choi told a MUFSO audience that running a restaurant can be significantly more rewarding than that. 

McDonald’s Comps Up, Burger King Down in Q3

All Day Breakfast, McPick 2 contribute to postive McDonald's sales in Q3
McDonald's all day breakfast & McPick 2 (Photo by Mike Mozart)

McDonald's and Burger King announced the results for the third quarter, which concluded at the end of September. Same-restaurant sales in the United States for McDonald's was up 1.3 percent.