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Arby's Venison Sandwiches May Sell Out within Minutes

Arby's venison Oct 21 There are hints that the eagerly anticipated venison steak sandwiches that Arby's will offer on Saturday, October 21, will sell out within minutes. According to Tulsa World, some of the city's Arby's will have 50 sandwiches, others will have 100.

Panera CEO Hasn't Heard from 3 Burger CEOs on Kids Menu Challenge

Panera Bread sunset

Back on September 20, Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich issued a public challenge to the CEOs of Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger King to eat exclusively from their children's menus for a week or rethink what they're serving children. While McDonald's the company responded that they were proud of their food, none of the CEOs themselves replied or took up the challenge, Shaich said a week later. A quick check just now shows no public reaction from the Big 3 CEOs.

Arby's to Serve Venison and Elk Sandwiches on October 21

Arby's venison sandwich
Arby's venison sandwich / Arby's photo

​Arby’s will be offering venison sandwiches nationwide on Saturday, October 21. The Atlanta, Georgia-based chain served limited edition venison sandwiches in five states last year, which were snapped up by an enthusiastic public within hours at participating restaurants, the company states.

What You Can Learn from Your Restaurant's Dumpster

Knowing what goes into your restaurant's dumpster can not only be enlightening, but can save you wasted money. But few owners and their staffs have the time or inclination for dumpster diving. A writer from the waste industry says here that waste analytics services is the solution.

A Mutiny of Ronald McDonald Clowns Gives an English Burger King a Hard Time

Fifteen folks dressed as Ronald McDonald decided to drop into a Burger King in Minehead, England to give its employees a bit of tomfoolery.

5 Tips on Evaluating Locations for Restaurants

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

It’s tough in today's environment to find the right restaurant locations at the right price, say development executives for three franchisors. David Bloom, chief development officer of Las Vegas-based sandwich chain Capriotti’s, Chris Cheek, chief development officer of Jackson, Mississippi-based Newk’s Eatery, and Jena Henderson, vice president of growth of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania-based Saladworks, joined together to form a panel that addressed the present real estate challenges for restaurants.

Scottish Restaurant and Hotel Says Michelin Star Bad for Profits

Scotland hotel owners Don and Wendy Matheson say they appreciate the Michelin star the hotel's restaurant gained 10 years ago, but that the stress from enhanced expectations on them, which in turn has had a negative impact on their profits, is not worth it. They have asked to be stripped of their star.

FDA Ignores 20 Percent of Food Safety Risks Found

According to an audit report, Food and Drug Administration inspectors of processed food manufacturing facilities are not following up on 20 percent of the food risks they identify. Inspectors and their agency itself are seriously underfunded.

Americans Concerned over Sugar, although They Love It

A spoon full of sugar
Photo by Gunilla G

Over half of American adults and teens say they are trying to consume less sugar in their diet.

McDonald’s Responds to Kids Menu Challenge from Panera CEO

McDonald's KapoleiMcDonald’s has responded to Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich’s challenge to the CEOs of McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King. Earlier this week he invited them to eat exclusively from their kids menus for a week—or to rethink what their restaurants are serving children.