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Economic news

Franchise Hiring Hits 3 Year Low in March 2017

Placing a sandwich order at SubwayFranchise industry jobs increased by the dreary figure of 13,900 in March. That is the lowest number of monthly jobs added in over three years. The two largest franchise sectors to hire were restaurants at 7,000 and auto dealers and parts at 5,700, according to the monthly ADP National Franchise Report, which was released April 5.

Conference Board Says Economy Expands but Unlikely to Accelerate

The Conference Board reported Thursday that its leading economic index (LEI) of 124.6 for the U.S. remained unchanged in November. The index was 100 in 2010. November follows a 0.1 percent increase in October and a 0.3 percent increase in September.

ADP Economist Says Franchise Hiring Growth Leads the Pack

Quick service restaurant workerIn September Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and head of the ADP Research Institute, discussed with Blue MauMau the U.S. economy, private-sector hiring and franchises. America has become a job machine, she said.

Fight for $15 Workers to Stage Protest during Presidential Debate

Low Wage Workers' Protest (Photo: $Fight for $15)

NEW YORK - Thousands of workers from New York and beyond will wage a major protest at tonight's Presidential Debate at Hofstra University, demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage and union rights.

Blame Social Media for Stagnant Incomes

The news has been out for some time that wages in America have been in decline, taking the middle class with them. Individual productivity has likewise been heading south, making recovery difficult. But how does social media fit into this picture?

Franchise Hiring Up in August as US Economy Approaches Full Employment

The United States added 19,200 jobs in franchised establishments in August, according to the monthly ADP National Franchise Report. That monthly gain in franchised jobs is roughly average over the past five years.

One Year On, Seattle Minimum Wage Impact Negligible

Seattle's $15 minimum wage hike caused great concern among the franchise industry, who understandably opposed it.

Private Sector and Franchise Hiring Softens in April

fast-food workerROSELAND – Private-sector franchise jobs in the United States rose by 14,100 in April, according to payroll processor ADP in its National Franchise Report.

NAACP Files Civil Rights Suit against Alabama Governor for Blocking Wage Hike

Alabama Gov. Bentley signs HB174, Feb 25, 2016 (

BIRMINGHAM – Fast food workers filed a civil rights lawsuit yesterday along with Alabama's NAACP against Gov. Robert Bentley for blocking a measure that would have raised Birmingham's minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10.

McDonald’s Reports Supersized Profits amid Scrawny Worker Pay

McMuffinAfter a long slump, McDonald's Corporation showed it is back in the game with competitors this week, declaring a 35 percent increase in profits for first quarter 2016.