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General advice relating to the acquisition and opration of franchises, primarily from a legal perspective.

Carbonite CEO Gives Pointers for Small Business Owners

This Kim Komando video is good! If you're a small business owner or potential business owner, take a look — you'll be glad you did.

Tips to Ensure Your Business Gets Paid

The essence of receiving money due your business is to send out accurate invoices on time, advises Entrepreneur.

Basic Tax Preparation for Small Business Owners

Russell Fox offers some tax preparation tips to small business owners. He owns Clayton Financial & Tax in Las Vegas and is the author of a newly published book, Tax Strategies for the Small Business Owner.

Top 10 Ideas to Make Money on the Internet

The advent of the Internet has made it much more possible to work in the comfort of your pj's instead of in a suit and tie or in high heels.

How to Start an Internet Business with No Money

Here's some short but pithy advice from eHow on working at home.

Asking Hotels for Half-Day Rates

Want a hotel for just a couple of hours, such as to freshen up before an important meeting, and wondering if you can get a lower rate since you won't be spending the night?

Franchising Can Learn a Lesson from Great NFL Coaches

Franchisors and franchisees can benefit from the leadership style and management skills of the NFL’s great coaches.Being an avid sports fan, I’ve had the benefit of watching professional football for a number of years.

Five Small Business Essentials for 2013

Independent business owners need to consider five essentials to position themselves to successfully survive in this difficult economic environment, writes Forbes.

Holiday Security Tips for Restaurants and Retailers

Robbers look for restaurants and stores with lax security and untrained employees. Dishonest employees are also a source of loss. Cash is a lure for both internal and external dishonesty.

The Cost of a Mistake

It is important to have good data for your business. There are also ways to use that data to run your business better. One of the ways to run your business better is to catch problems early, while still fixable, instead of suffering the blow of a failed unit and wondering how it got to that point.