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General advice relating to the acquisition and opration of franchises, primarily from a legal perspective.


How to Tell Your Company's Story

Think you'd like to tell your company's story in an interesting way, but can't think of much to say that people will want to hear?

A Minimum Wage For Franchisees?

In the national debate surrounding the minimum wage, advocates on both sides of the issue use small franchised businesses like sandwich shops as example of small businesses that will be affected by an increased minimum wage. Opponents argue that these businesses are operating on thin margins and claim any increase in the minimum wage would be disastrous.

How much Royalty will I have to pay investors?

How much Royalty will I have to pay investors?

This is the first question most people have so let's explore the answer.

Passive Income: How do you get it? Work or Earn

$4 Million or $31 Million?

If you could invest the same amount in the same franchise just two different ways, which would you choose?

“ Un -equity” An Alternative Way To Fund Your New Franchise

Funding a franchise is not only one of the first challenges for a new franchise owner, it is also one of the more difficult tasks to accomplish because it is not som

Funding vs Financing a Franchise

Financing implies you owe money, funding implies you don't. Funding is best, here is how to get funded.

Top 5 Things a Franchisee Association Should Be Doing Today to Be Successful!

It’s no secret that independent franchisee associations are extremely helpful in providing education, performing research and advocating for franchisee interests.

Amazon CEO Bezos on Being an Entrepreneur CEO Jeff Bezos has a huge operation now, but it began in 1994 with his seeing a need and a new way of filling it, then putting together the necessary steps from there to where is now.