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The negative comments here are simply the truth

The Jazzercise Franchise is a joke. They set up all these strict standards and rules for their franchisees, but they don't follow the rules themselves. After taking jazzercise for 3 months I was approached by every instructor recommending I "audition" to teach. Keep in mind I am already an AFAA certified aerobic instructor, have taught jazz/hip hop and arrobics for over 15 years, was a high school and college get the picture I was qualified to teach. : ) When I signed up and was asked to pay my fees in 2012 they were $1000, but set to change in July up to $2000. The contract I was given in May for to me to sign BEFORE auditioning said $2,000. I called the district manager to clarify and she said "sorry it is $2,000 dollars". I very nicely said, I think if you look at my contract, on page 12, it says $1,000 if I pay before July 1, 2012...she checked the contract and I was was only $1,000. Well, it was clear this district mgr ( a relative of the founder of the company who works here in Carlsbad Ca ) did not like being corrected. I worked on my audition routines..and they were flawless. I participated in two pre-audition workshops where i was told by all 3 leaders that i looked great and would make an amazing instructor. I got to the Carlsbad audition and we were told, no matter what you do don't stop. There were 10 women auditioning and 2 of them stopped in the middle of BOTH their routines! I felt so sorry knowing they would fail. I got up to do my 2 routines, smiled, performed them flawlessly, talked about low impact options, muscle groups..while performing routines. The other girls clapped when I was done! When I was called in to get my results I was told I was "not ready" by the woman running the audition. I was flabbergasted as were the other women! The 'judge" looked like a zombie delivering the news. Could not give me ONE example of anything done wrong..she could not it was flawless. Oh and the other 2 who should have failed because they stopped? Passed right through! So i called this district mgr and told her this was insane and I wanted to audition elsewhere. This time Vegas. Same EXACT thing happened...told how amazing I was by EVERYONE..sailed through audition only to be told by a woman who acted very odd. She delivered the news like a robot...I was "not ready" and when I said what are you talking about?? She referred me to the district manager. By now the light bulb went on. I made the district manager mad by clrifying the fees and what was really in the contract. She was going to make sure I was blacklisted by the organization! This was confirmed to me by a friend at the Jazzercise corporate office. Jazzercise does not want anyone who questions things at the corporate level. So here is my advice; unless you want to be a part of an organization that is run like a dysfunctional sorority, don't get involved. They set forth strict rules for YOU to follow, yet they don't! Do what I'm going to do, become a certified Zumba instructor, spend only $200 to audition snd teach at not only LA Fitness but 24 Hour Fitness...for $35 a class. I have full classes and am LOVED by the gyms who employ me.i have no one coming in every 6 months to "monitor" and review me. There are none of the ridiculous rules or women who conduct business on an emotional level rather than business level!


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