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Franchisees can't DIE or GET SICKI

It is really a serious problem for franchisees. You are right, Due Diligence. There are EXPERTS in estate planing that deal with this problem in franchising and who have advertised on Blue Mau Mau.

Thanks for bringing this up. You have to be very healthy to be a franchisee. If you get sick and have to close up for more than 3 days (the term differs), your franchisor considers that you are in default. If you get sick and go home and close your doors because you are the only employee of the business, you have to get well within the time allowed in the contract, or you are in default and can be terminated. If you get called to serve your country, you are really in danger as demonstrated by the article in Franchise Times April edition.

How dare franchisees get sick and what kind of excuse is that to not deliver those gross sales for the franchisor. You own a businees of your own? that you owe on and your franchisor owns you and your gross sales under contract, Never forget that!


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