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half full or half empty

BJ goes deeper: "There can be an addendum added that the zee and spouse is freed from the contract if one of them dies.  If the zor doesn't go for it just run.  Addendums are legal!!!!"

However, no Zor (or anyone) is obligated to agree to an addendum.  And no McDonald's Zee would WANT such an addendum, because the value of their franchised business would be the largest part of a McD Zee's estate.  If the Franchise Agreement was voided by their death then there would be nothing to leave to their heirs.  Indeed, I know a McD heir who had to fight hard to KEEP RUNNING the franchises when it was the Zor who wanted to terminate his father's franchises and take back the stores.

But again, BJ is in "failure is assumed" mode and presumes that the FA is a detriment rather than a valuable asset.  This is my gripe with BJ: she does nothing to help anyone achieve success, she only wants to have them fail less.  And that is NOT the same thing.


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