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Technology Feeds Fast Food in 2017

McDonald’s and Starbucks continue to cultivate customer relevance, leveraging technology in both the front and back of house operations.  However in 2017 both will elevate the consumer focus with voice recognition ordering.

That’s right can you HEAR ME Now.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellarevealed said at a conference this summer that development is already underway, a collaboration between Microsoft and McDonald’s. Nadella explained that technology would enable customers’ spoken orders to be turned into text and relay the info directly to the kitchen, shaving time off the process and eliminating the possibility of the customer and an employee mishearing one another. Starbucks will update its smartphone app next year to include voice recognition ordering, a capability some are predicting will be a major focus of restaurants in 2017.  The coffee chain indicated that the capability will be extended to some iPhone users early next year, with the availability broadened as the year progresses. 

So if you skipped FSTEC last year you had better think about attending next year.

McDonald's reported that it plans to add voice recognition, with the intention of adding the capability at drive-thru’s. Starbucks' new system, called My Starbucks Barista, will enable customers to speak their orders into a smartphone loaded with the chain’s popular app. The order will be relayed to the store designated by the customer, and the charge will automatically be added to the patron’s account.

There are also several other restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area that are participating in another test of a Google-supported system, which combines voice and face recognition. Customers say, “I’ll pay with Google,” initiating a visual confirmation that the customer is who he or she says they are. The account is charged, completing the transaction.

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