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In the process now w a FAILED brand. We overcame their untested/tanking brand and lack of support. And after 10 years and 7 with them being of Nothing but a hindrance; they can keep you trapped with no way out but to lose a ton of money or everything you have. It is heart wrenching how unfairly positioned the System is for a law breaking ; shady; sloppy Franchisor. FTC Good Faith and Fair Dealing Act's even when Obvious were broken; or black and white letter law on increased fees beyond CPI are being broken...a supposedly good atty will not guarantee a judgment against their actions much less reimbursement. How about FINES by the States so large that these morons won't just take their chances that no one will File an Action? Apparently; our wonderful lawmakers and attys think it is ok for a Failing Brand to keep Franchisee's Legally Trapped with a Crooked/ Corrupt Franchisor. Some zee's have spent their kids college $ and life savings while trying to fight thru it. My heart aches for those with such a story. How do these Franchisors, and their legal team as well as the Franchisee Atty sleep at night??? I Couldn't do it if my life depended on it. What I can and will do now is fight them with all that I have. I am not fighting just for me, but for all the families who's financial lives they have ruined and the ones hanging on by a thread. I may not get all I want; but they will have to answer for their actions and will be caught in their shameful act.


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