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Dear disapointed previous

Dear disapointed previous owner,

It sounds like you should be disapointed at yourself and self alone. As a former business owner I laugh at people that start up their own business to work less hours and ,make instant money, and rely on another job to support themselves. Then, when the new business fails they can't understand why. Anyone who has run a successful business knows that the amount of hours it takes to make it successful far exceed the amount of hours they had to work when being employed by someone else. The hours are also controlled by the clientel. The notion that you can stop in for 2 hours on your way to another job day after day and expect Snap fitness to be successful is a pipedream----meaning you have to be high on crack to think that part time hours are going to produce full time results. I frequently worked 80 hours a week when I owned my own business. I was happy to do it because it was mine. I could go to lunch when I wanted. I could take a day off when I wanted(if my schedule allowed it). Sounds like you did not have a realistic idea of what owning your own business means. Hopefully you have learned something from your experience and if you ever decide to venture out on your own again you will put in 200%. But it sounds like you are still passing the buck. You have to ask yourself....."what did I learn from this." If you cannot see your role in the failure of your business venture then all that time was exactly what you think it was.....JUST A WASTE OF TIME.


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