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Personal training at key card gyms

Former F'see Guest says: "However, it seems like the area I live in (Midwest) just doesn't see the demand for personal trainers. After all, they are joining snap for the low fees and convenience, why should they pay more and have someone hound them with training sales pitches while they are working out?"

I think it's the second part rather than the first part, not where you are but what you are. People who want to sign up for a "come any time on your own schedule" gym implicitly are comfortable working out by themselves. Combine that with selling on price and your customers are NOT good candidates to buy personal training.

The gym our family belongs to is twice the price of franchised gyms in the same county.  It has limited hours and is staffed 100% of the open hours, usually by two or more staff. The front desk and cleaning functions are separate from personal training.  Trainers do not staff the desk or clean (other than wiping down for their own clients).  There is a Personal Training Department with a full time Head Trainer and maybe 4 or 5 Trainers most of whom are part-time. The Trainers get paid for each session, not hourly to staff the gym (I don't know if the Head Trainer also gets wages/salary).

This a staffed gym that emphasizes SERVICE. That is the kind of gym that can sell lots of personal training.  I think most members would be appalled by an un-staffed gym and would not join one even if it was cheaper with 24 hr. access.


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