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My experiences with Snap

I looked into buying a Snap Fitness franchise.In fact I made an offer on one in Eagan, Mn. I found out later my offer was not presented to the owner, but instead my offer was used to get a friend of the
Snap franchisor's off to snide to make an offer. It turned out the offer was lower than mine--but the
old Eagan owner never saw mine so he got stuck taking the lower offer from the friend of the salesman.
How unethical!

Plus I have gotten numbers directly from club owners at Snap who have put their clubs up for sale. I have compared them to numbers provided me by Snap salespeople. They are different--which proves
to me Snap salespeople are "cooking the books" inflating profits and deceiving potential new franchisees.

That should not be surprising to hear considering the founder of Snap was convicted in court in 1999 in St. Paul, Mn. of fraud!


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