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PMD direct

Ask the Attorney General of Ill. The AG of Illinois sent PMD a letter that they were selling illegal franchises in the state. PMD, Jeff and Joe panicked. Cooper and Elliot knew the licensing ploy was an illegal franchise and PMD created the Franchise move to hide from their past lies. They wiped out the PMD's past history which was a fraud and they said trust us. They told the dealers they could now sell their businesses so just sign up. No PMD dealer has ever sold their dealership except Armetta. That didn't last to long. Selling a business but PMD gets $50K if you could.

Forget the Royal Heritage brand story they concocted. That story allowed the DA to walk away and sue Jeff and Joe as the license agreements provide for use of the brand which was RH (breach of contract). Armetta convinced Jeff that Royal Heritage could be a brand and he could a passionally buid it. No one wanted the American Dream label that Jeff and Sheila defended as a brand. Does that famous brand Royal Heritage still come in Crown Mark boxes?

You can't make this up!


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