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I don’t know or care about economic concepts, its almost July 4th and what an appropriate time to write this. A celebration of independence and freedom for me and a lot of others! I was a PMD dealer and manager as well as an occasional social events organizer for Jeff. I never met the Andrew’s guy from South Carolina but I did hear Jeff say that he had absolutely no chance of financially making it through the legal wringer that Jeff’s lawyers would put him through and that Jeff would make sure they wrecked him like they had others. Looks like the guy got a hold of enough facts and enough truth to make Jeff eat those words. We all hoped somebody would some day. I heard the trial was full of lies from Rob, Jerry, Joe, and especially Jeff. What a surprise. I remember when Joe started talking about getting PMD into Furniture Today’s top 100 and all his ideas for strategic positioning before a single dealer ever reported any retail numbers to PMD. Hey Joe remember that AWESOME all white pajama party at the Pure nightclub in Vegas put on by United Sleep when you introduced me to that girl who ran United? What was her name? Jen, Jennifer, no it was Lisa, that’s right Lisa Kaufman and you said you had known her since the two of you worked in the investment group at Bank of America together. It seems I also remember that girl who handled the “Protect-A-Bed” product line. Joe made sure her relationship with PMD was well protected all right. Bert never had a chance to compete with Joe’s expert strategic business planning or your expert social event organizing, Jeff loved both of those skills.

Oh the good old days. I remember the model home sales events, hot tubs, one day specials, and the trips to Mexico and to the Caribbean. I doubt if any of that was a part of the SC guys trial but the dealers association group is a different story. They have and know people who saw the skeletons put in the closet at PMD. 3 dealers in the same market, managers told to lie in recruiting, managers told to toe the company line like they were in the military, managers made to beg for their job, managers told to lie on the stand to bury ex-dealers in lawsuits filed by PMD. Yeah those were the days. I remember one manager having to get on his knees and beg Jeff not to fire him and thank him for making him who he was. Those Vegas and High Point trips for furniture markets, what times we had. The dealers association should ask Jerry Williams how he has been doing as Jeff’s social manager since guys like me and Joe are gone. I hope the call me as a witness. Jerry was a real good understudy and based on what I’ve heard about his testimony and knowledge of the company there must be something besides a COO job he gets paid for. Remember those Vegas trips Jerry? I hope all the ex-managers in the next PMD case remember all those 2005 management meetings where Jeff blasted us for our sales being down. Maybe some of the managers wives who were brought to tears by Joe and Jeff can come testify. That fight in the pool, girls on the beach, those incredible massage therapists, and all those late night bars. No one closed them down or cranked them up better than Joe and Jeff.


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