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Not for me

I had a maaco shop for several years, IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! I had my shop longer than the other guys I went to training with, one lost everything in less than 8 months. I walked away losing just my investment and owing maaco some fees. They sued me for the outstanding fees. maaco is a lose lose situation. After a couple of years you find the dirty little secret that only a handful of maaco franchisees make any money, even shops that are generating more than a million in sales have very little profit and many owners rely on other sources or their spouse's income for support. maaco's operations support is a study in absolute incompetence. Once you are in there is no accountability throughout management of the franchisor. I had a bad feeling in my gut several times as I went into maaco. I really wished I had trusted my instincts.


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